Modern Technologies

High-Performance Prefinished Modular Building System [HPPMBS]

Born from a collaborative project between the Modular Prefab Design Laboratory (MPD-Lab) of Western Sydney University and Infratech Industries, this project develops ground-breaking high-performance prefabricated prefinished building along with integrated energy harvesting systems, using a set of standardised modular volumetric units (Pods).

Bridge Inspection Using Drones

Our Structural Assessment and Health Monitoring (SAHM) team, led by Dr. Maria Rashidi, has collaborated with RMS to trial remotely-piloted aircraft (RPA or drones) for bridge inspections. As part of this feasibility study, qualified pilots from our team and RMS used a high-end drone to examine the effectiveness of RPAs for bridge inspection. Four bridges with various features and configurations have been tested to determine the effectiveness of RPAs as bridge inspection tool. This research has already sparked interest across Australia, including other states’ transportation departments.

Modular Prefab Design Lab (MPD-Lab)

Our research program aims to remove major roadblocks preventing widespread application of modular prefabricated systems in construction and transformation to advanced building manufacturing technologies in Australia and beyond. MPD-Lab conducts leading-edge research that focuses on design of modular and prefab construction engineering technologies/systems, and provides advanced numerical, analytical and experimental services.  As well as being available for advanced research work, MPD-Lab is also available for consulting and teaching activities and services relating to the area of modular prefab construction.

Interactions between volumetric units in modular buildings

The project is an important step towards simplifying and standardising the design of modular buildings’ interconnections for manufacture and assembly that can pave the way for widespread use of these efficient systems in building construction. The results will also be of great use for evaluating the applicability of existing regulations for the design of modular buildings’ interconnections. By addressing significant gaps in the current research on the design of modular interconnections and their integration strategies, this project enhances the industry’s capacity to adopt safe, economical and standardised designs of modular systems. It therefore, significantly reduces the risk in decision making in modular construction, and transformation to advanced building manufacturing technologies in Australia and beyond.