Research Projects

The Centre for Infrastructure Engineering has three research themes:


Research in this theme is concerned with the safety, reliability and mitigation strategies related to structures. The goal of the research is to develop structural systems that are more efficient and economical to construct, more durable and adoptable over their life-cycle, and more resistant to natural or man-made hazards.

Contact: Professor Hamid Ronagh


Research in this theme aims to reduce the demands on resources and develop strategies to reduce, treat and dispose/recycle waste products, and to devise solutions to minimise the impact of natural hazards on infrastructure. The research outcome will enhance the resilience, efficiency, productivity and livability of industry and urban habitats.

Contact: Professor Bijan Samali


This theme covers the development, application, characterisation, recycling, remediation, disposal, modelling and monitoring of engineering materials as part of infrastructure design, development and management. The focus is on a wide range of materials used in buildings and infrastructure, including high performance steel, stainless steel, high performance concrete, recycled concrete, geopolymer concrete, fibre reinforced cementitious composites, masonry, wood, geofoam, metal foams, and Nanocomposites.

Contact: Professor Zhong Tao