2020 Publications

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JournalAn integrated organizational system for project source selection in the major Iranian construction companiesFaraji A, Rashidi M, Sorooshnia EBuildings
JournalOperational modal analysis, testing and modelling of prefabricated steel modules with different LSF composite wallsRashidi M, Sharafi P, Alembagheri M, Bigdeli A, Samali BMaterials
JournalA decade of modern bridge monitoring using terrestrial laser scanning : review and future directionsRashidi M, Mohammadi M, Kivi S, Abdolvand M, Truong-Hong L, Samali BRemote Sensing
JournalHeuristic catenary-based rule of thumbs to find bending moment diagramsRashidi M, Sorooshnia ECivil Engineering and Architecture
JournalStructural system identification of elevated steel water tank using ambient vibration test and calibration of numerical modelAlembagheri M, Rashidi M, Seyedkazemi MInternational Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
JournalMulti-objective optimization of three different SMA-LRBs for seismic protection of a benchmark highway bridge against real and synthetic ground motionsHosseini R, Rashidi M, Bulajic B, Karbasi Arani KApplied Sciences
JournalTowards eco-flowable concrete productionRashidi M, Joshaghani A, Ghodrat MSustainability
JournalLES simulation of terrain slope effects on wind enhancement by a point source fireEftekharian E, Rashidi M, Ghodrat M, He Y, Kwok KCase Studies in Thermal engineering
JournalSeismic assessment of a benchmark highway bridge equipped with optimized shape memory alloy wire-based isolatorsHosseini R, Rashidi M, Hedayati Dezfuli F, Karbasi Arani K, Samali BApplied Sciences
ConferenceExperimental and numerical investigation of innovative composite buckling-restrained fuseMohammadi M, Kafi M, Kheyroddin A, Ronagh H, Rashidi MACMSM25: Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials, 4-7 December 2018, Brisbane, Qld.
JournalLoad sharing mechanism between shear studs and profiled steel sheeting in push testsKatwal U, Tao Z, Hassan M, Uy B, Lam DJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalHigh temperature resistance of fly ash/GGBFS-based geopolymer mortar with load-induced damageQu F, Li W, Tao Z, Castel A, Wang KMaterials and Structures
JournalImproving performance of solar roof tiles by incorporating phase change materialAlim M, Tao Z, Abden M, Rahman A, Samali BSolar Energy
JournalFeasibility analysis of a small-scale rainwater harvesting system for drinking water production at Werrington, New South Wales, AustraliaAlim M, Rahman A, Tao Z, Samali B, Khan M, Shirin SJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalAnti-collapse resistance mechanisms in corner-supported modular steel buildingsAlembagheri M, Sharafi P, Hajirezaei R, Tao ZJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalBehaviour of through plate connections to concrete-filled stainless steel columnsHassan M, Tao Z, Katwal UJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalInclusion of methyl stearate-diatomite composite in gypsum board ceiling for building energy conservationAbden M, Tao Z, Pan Z, George L, Wuhrer RApplied Energy
JournalSuitability of roof harvested rainwater for potential potable water production : a scoping reviewAlim M, Rahman A, Tao Z, Samali B, Khan M, Shirin SJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalPost-fire behaviour of high-strength quenched and tempered steel under various heating conditionsWang X, Tao Z, Hassan MJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalA combined approach for estimating horizontal principal stress magnitudes from borehole breakout data via artificial neural network and rock failure criterionLin H, Singh S, Oh J, Canbulat I, Kang W, Hebblewhite B, Stacey TInternational Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
JournalNumerical simulation on borehole breakout and borehole size effect using discrete element methodLin H, Kang W, Oh J, Canbulat I, Hebblewhite BInternational Journal of Mining Science and Technology
JournalShear strength prediction for SFRC and UHPC beams using a Bayesian approachCho H, Park M, Hwang J, Kang W, Kim KStructural Engineering and Mechanics
JournalHeating temperature prediction of concrete structure damaged by fire using a Bayesian approachCho H, Han S, Heo I, Kang H, Kang W, Kim KSustainability
JournalA statistical approach to investigate the effects of multicomponent fractions on the mechanical properties of PP/PPMA/Talc/POE compositesAjorloo M, Ghodrat M, Moghbeli M, Kang WJournal of Polymer Research
JournalEstimation of in-situ maximum horizontal principal stress magnitudes from borehole breakout data using machine learningLin H, Kang W, Oh J, Canbulat IInternational Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
ConferenceThe new joint Australian and New Zealand Design Standard for steel and composite bridges AS/NZS 5100.6-Part 6: Steel and Composite ConstructionHicks S, Uy B, Kang WProceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete, July 29 - August 2, 2017, Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hale, Wyoming, U.S.
JournalDirected differentiation of notochord-like and nucleus pulposus-like cells using human pluripotent stem cellsZhang Y, Zhang Z, Chen P, Ma C, Li C, Au T, Tam V, Peng Y, Wu R, Cheung K, Sham P, Tse H, Chan D, Leung V, Cheah K, Lian QCell Reports
JournalDIPPER, a spatiotemporal proteomics atlas of human intervertebral discs for exploring ageing and degeneration dynamicsTam V, Chen P, Yee A, Solis N, Klein T, Kudelko M, Sharma R, Chan W, Overall C, Haglund L, Sham P, Cheah K, Chan DeLife
JournalEffective remediation strategies for ash dam sites in coal power plantsTam V, Rahme D, Illankoon I, Le K, Yu JProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers : Engineering Sustainability
JournalA holistic review on life cycle energy of buildings : an analysis from 2009 to 2019Li C, Lai X, Xiao B, Tam V, Guo S, Zhao YRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
JournalChallenges in current construction and demolition waste recycling : a China studyMa M, Tam V, Le K, Li WWaste Management
JournalMechanical performance of CFRP-confined sustainable geopolymeric recycled concrete under axial compressionTang Z, Li W, Tam V, Yan LEngineering Structures
JournalPerformance enhancement of permeable asphalt mixtures with recycled aggregate for concrete pavement applicationLei B, Li W, Luo Z, Tam V, Dong W, Wang KFrontiers in Materials
JournalEffects of incorporating hybrid fibres on rheological and mechanical properties of fibre reinforced concreteDas S, Sobuz M, Tam V, Akid A, Sutan N, Rahman FConstruction and Building Materials
JournalProperties of high-strength lightweight concrete using manufactured aggregateJorge Evangelista A, Tam VProceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials
Journal[In Press] Impact assessment of window to wall ratio on energy consumption of an office building of subtropical monsoon climatic country BangladeshRana M, Hasan M, Sobuz M, Tam VInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalMechanical behaviors of CFRP-confined sustainable geopolymeric recycled aggregate concrete under both static and cyclic compressionsTang Z, Li W, Tam V, Yan LComposite Structures
JournalEffects of environmental actions, recycled aggregate quality and modification treatments on durability performance of recycled concreteLei B, Li W, Tang Z, Li Z, Tam VJournal of Materials Research and Technology
JournalMicrostructure and chemical properties for CO2 concreteTam V, Butera A, Le KConstruction and Building Materials
Journal[In Press] An improved ventilation system for settling stage of a wastewater treatment plant : a computational simulation analysisPolanco-Guzman I, Rodriguez-Troncoso M, Hammad A, Haddad A, Tam V, Vasco DInternational Journal of Construction Management
Journal[In Press] Evaluation of 4D BIM tools applicability in construction planning efficiencyMartins S, Jorge Evangelista A, Hammad A, Tam V, Haddad AInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalQuantification of the energy use due to occupant behaviour collected in surveys : a case study of a green and non-green buildingMelo C E De Almeida L, Tam V, Le KJournal of Building Performance Simulation
JournalSynergistic effects of polypropylene and glass fiber on mechanical properties and durability of recycled aggregate concreteLei B, Li W, Liu H, Tang Z, Tam VInternational Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
Journal[In Press] A stress-strain model for resilience engineering for construction safety and risk managementFung I, Tam V, Chu J, Le KInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalEffects of occupant behaviour on energy performance in buildings : a green and non-green  building comparisonMelo C E De Almeida L, Tam V, Le K, She YEngineering, Construction and Architectural Management
JournalAgent-based modelling for environmental impact of renovation waste in Shenzhen, ChinaDing Z, Gong W, Fan Z, Tam V, Illankoon CProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability
JournalUtilising CO2 technologies for recycled aggregate concrete : a critical reviewTam V, Butera A, Le K, Li WConstruction and Building Materials
JournalConstruction and demolition waste management contributing factors coupled with reduce, reuse, and recycle strategies for effective waste management : a reviewKabirifar K, Mojtahedi M, Wang C, Tam VJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalResearch trend of the application of information technologies in construction and demolition waste managementLi C, Zhao Y, Xiao B, Yu B, Tam V, Chen Z, Ya YJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalImpact of elevated temperatures on the structural performance of recycled rubber concrete : experimental and mathematical modelingBengar H, Shahmansouri A, Sabet N, Kabirifar K, Tam VConstruction and Building Materials
JournalWireless secrecy under multivariate correlated Nakagami-m fadingLe K, Tam VIEEE Access
JournalA BIM-LCA approach for estimating the greenhouse gas emissions of large-scale public buildings : a case studyCheng B, Li J, Tam V, Yang M, Chen DSustainability
JournalWorkability and mechanical properties of mortar containing recycled sand from aerated concrete blocks and sintered clay bricksLiu Q, Singh A, Xiao J, Li B, Tam VResources, Conservation and Recycling
JournalA dynamic analysis of the global warming potential associated with air conditioning at a city scale : an empirical study in Shenzhen, ChinaZhang N, Wang H, Gallagher J, Song Q, Tam V, Duan HEnvironmental Impact Assessment Review
JournalInvestigation on early-age hydration, mechanical properties and microstructure of seawater sea sand cement mortarLi P, Li W, Yu T, Qu F, Tam VConstruction and Building Materials
JournalAdvanced progress in recycling municipal and construction solid wastes for manufacturing sustainable construction materialsTang Z, Li W, Tam V, Xue CResources, Conservation and Recycling: X
JournalA load-carrier perspective examination on the change of ecological environment carrying capacity during urbanization process in ChinaZhu M, Shen L, Tam V, Liu Z, Shu T, Luo WScience of the Total Environment
JournalInvestigation on dynamic mechanical properties of fly ash/slag-based geopolymeric recycled aggregate concreteTang Z, Li W, Tam V, Luo ZComposites Part B: Engineering
JournalA holistic review of research on carbon emissions of green building construction industryLu W, Tam V, Chen H, Du LEngineering, Construction and Architectural Management
JournalA pilot study monitoring the thermal comfort of the elderly living in nursing homes in Hefei, China, using wireless sensor networks, site measurements and a surveyYu J, Tanbir H, Bai Y, An N, Tam VIndoor and Built Environment
JournalHydration mechanism and early frost resistance of calcium sulfoaluminate cement concreteLi P, Gao X, Wang K, Tam V, Li WConstruction and Building Materials
JournalNew analytical wake models based on artificial intelligence and rivalling the benchmark full-rotor CFD predictions under both uniform and ABL inflowsSyed Ahmed Kabir I, Safiyullah F, Ng E, Tam VEnergy
JournalStakeholders' willingness to pay for the new construction and demolition waste landfill charge scheme in Shenzhen : a contingent valuation approachLi J, Zuo J, Wang G, He G, Tam VSustainable Cities and Society
JournalMitigation of carbon dioxide by accelerated sequestration in concrete debrisZhang N, Duan H, Miller T, Tam V, Liu G, Zuo JRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
JournalDoes megaproject social responsibility improve the sustainability of the construction industry?Ma H, Liu Z, Zeng S, Lin H, Tam VEngineering, Construction and Architectural Management
JournalLeagile strategies for optimizing the delivery of prefabricated house building projectsMostafa S, Tam V, Dumrak J, Mohamed SInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalExploring the status, benefits, barriers and opportunities of using BIM for advancing prefabrication practiceMostafa S, Kim K, Tam V, Rahnamayiezekavat PInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalOptimal roofing solutions for Australian green buildings : a life-cycle cost perspectiveIllankoon C, Tam V, Le K, Wang X, Wang JProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability
ConferenceActual energy-related occupant behaviours collected in surveys and quantified through building simulationsMelo C E De Almeida L, Tam V, Le KProceedings of the 6th New Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium (NZBERS 2020), 20th February 2020, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
JournalNumerical modelling and design of hybrid cold-formed steel wall panelsUsefi N, Ronagh H, Sharafi PThin-Walled Structures
JournalCollapse capacity of modular steel buildings subject to module loss scenarios : the role of inter-module connectionsAlembagheri M, Sharafi P, Hajirezaei R, Samali BEngineering Structures
JournalA creative rapid assembly modular free form pavement for post-disaster temporary roads and sidewalksAliabadizadeh Y, Tahmoorian F, Nemati S, Samali B, Sharafi PEngineering Solid Mechanics
JournalLateral performance of a new hybrid CFS shear wall panel for mid-rise constructionUsefi N, Ronagh H, Sharafi PJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalReinforcement methods for compression perpendicular to grain in top/bottom plates of light timber framesAlinoori F, Moshiri F, Sharafi P, Samali BConstruction and Building Materials
JournalExperimental investigation on load bearing capacity of full scaled light timber framed wall for mid-rise buildingsAlinoori F, Sharafi P, Moshiri F, Samali BConstruction and Building Materials
JournalPrefabricated hybrid steel wall panels for mid-rise construction in seismic regionsMortazavi M, Sharafi P, Kildashti K, Samali BJournal of Building Engineering
JournalExperimental study on prefabricated lightweight composite wall panels under flexural loadingHassan M, Singh K, Kumar RJournal of Civil Engineering and Construction
JournalRegional flood frequency analysis using an artificial neural network modelKordrostami S, Alim M, Karim F, Rahman AGeosciences
JournalNumerical study of vortex eccentricity in a gas cycloneDong S, Jiang Y, Jin R, Dong K, Wang BApplied Mathematical Modelling
JournalSolid-solid phase transition of tungsten induced by high pressure : a molecular dynamics simulationDeng X, Lang L, Mo Y, Dong K, Tian Z, Hu WTransactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China
JournalMixing of particles in a rotating drum with inclined axis of rotationWidhate P, Zhu H, Zeng Q, Dong KProcesses
JournalExperimental study on 3D vibrated packing densification of mono-sized dodecahedral particlesLi J, An X, Wang J, Zhao H, Zou R, Dong K, Gou DPowder Technology
JournalLattice-Boltzmann computation of hydraulic pore-to-pore conductance in packed beds of uniform spheresRong L, Dong K, Yu AChemical Engineering Science
JournalA new interaction force model of gold nanorods derived by molecular dynamics simulationYang P, Zeng Q, Dong K, Zhu H, Yu ANanomaterials
JournalParticle-scale modelling of fluid velocity distribution near the particles surface in sand filtrationSong S, Rong L, Dong K, Liu X, Le Clech P, Shen YWater Research
JournalEnhanced collection of fine particles in a cyclone using ultrasonic vapor with surfactantsWang C, Zhang Y, Dong K, Wang B, Li S, Xin R, Jiang YAdvanced Powder Technology
JournalEffect of pollutant source location on air pollutant dispersion around a high-rise buildingKeshavarzian E, Jin R, Dong K, Kwok K, Zhang Y, Zhao MApplied Mathematical Modelling
JournalEnhancing the collection efficiency of a gas cyclone with atomization and electrostatic chargingWang B, Liu H, Zhou C, Huo H, Dong K, Jiang YPowder Technology
JournalNumerical study on the effect of the supersaturated vapor on the performance of a gas cycloneJin R, Keshavarzian E, Dong K, Dong S, Wang B, Kwok K, Zhao MPowder Technology
JournalA quick method for developing interparticle force models of spherical gold nanoparticles from molecular dynamics simulationYang P, Zeng Q, Dong K, Zhu HPowder Technology
JournalEffect of particle hydrophilicity on the separation performance of a novel cycloneZhang Y, Jiang Y, Xin R, Yu G, Jin R, Dong K, Wang BSeparation and Purification Technology
JournalAn accurate geometric contact force model for super-quadric particlesKildashti K, Dong K, Samali BComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
JournalInvestigation into water vapor and flue gas temperatures on the separation capability of a novel cyclone separatorZhang Y, Yu G, Jin R, Chen X, Dong K, Jiang Y, Wang BPowder Technology
JournalExplicit contact force model for superellipses by Fourier transform and application to superellipse packingArifuzzaman S, Dong K, Hou Q, Zhu H, Zeng QPowder Technology
JournalFluid flow and heat transfer characteristics over a superelliptic cylinder at incidenceZhang N, Rong L, Dong K, Zeng QPowder Technology
JournalPromote cohesive solid flow in a screw feeder with new screw designsLi X, Hou Q, Dong K, Zou R, Yu APowder Technology
JournalEffect of packing method on packing formation and the correlation between packing density and interparticle forceWu Y, Hou Q, Dong K, Yu AParticuology
ConferenceStructural analysis for tensile behavior of silicon-carbon core-shell nanotubeLi M, Tian Z, Xie Q, Dong KJournal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1676, The 2020 6th International Conference on Materials, Mechanical Engineering and Automation Technology 1-3 May 2020, Online
ConferenceAirflow dynamic and particle deposition in age-specific human lungsRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha SProceedings of the 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC2020), Brisbane, Australia, 7-10 December 2020
JournalDrive-by-bridge inspection for damage identification in a cable-stayed bridge : numerical investigationsKildashti K, Alamdari M, Kim C, Gao W, Samali BEngineering Structures
JournalExperimental and numerical studies on the comparison between stay-in-place- and conventionally-formed reinforced concrete columns under concentric loadingKildashti K, Samali B, Malik AConstruction and Building Materials
JournalPET FRP-concrete-high strength steel hybrid solid columns with strain-hardening and ductile performance : cyclic axial compressive behaviorZeng J, Ye Y, Guo Y, Lv J, Ouyang Y, Jiang CComposites Part B: Engineering
JournalAxial strength of eccentrically loaded FRP-confined short concrete columnsJiang C, Wu YPolymers
JournalEffect of load eccentricity on the mechanical response of FRP-confined predamaged concrete under compressionTijani I, Jiang C, Lim C, Wu YJournal of Composites for Construction
JournalA two-step drive-by bridge damage detection using dual Kalman filterLi J, Zhu X, Law S, Samali BInternational Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics
JournalApplication of tuned mass dampers for structural vibration control : a state-of-the-art reviewRahimi F, Aghayari R, Samali BCivil Engineering Journal
JournalDesign of cold-formed ferritic stainless steel unlipped channels with offset web openings and unfastened flanges subject to web bearing failure under one-flange load scenariosYousefi A, Samali BStructures
JournalInfluence of seismic incident angle on response uncertainty and structural performance of tall asymmetric structureAlam Z, Zhang C, Samali BStructural Design of Tall and Special Buildings
JournalExperimental and numerical investigations of cold-formed austenitic stainless steel unlipped channels under bearing loadsYousefi A, Samali B, Hajirasouliha IThin-Walled Structures
JournalEffects of urban context on the indoor thermal comfort performance of windcatchers in a residential settingSadeghi M, Wood G, Samali B, De Dear REnergy and Buildings
JournalExperimental and numerical investigation of a method for strengthening cold-formed steel profiles in bendingTaheri E, Firouzianhaji A, Mehrabi P, Vosough Hosseini B, Samali BApplied Sciences
JournalThe role of viscoelastic damping on retrofitting seismic performance of asymmetric reinforced concrete structuresAlam Z, Zhang C, Samali BEarthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration
Journal2,6-pyridinedicarbohydrazide-salicylal hydrazone-base derivative with high detection limit and binding constant for emissive ion chemosensing in aqueous solutionAmini A, Rahimic M, Behmadi H, Nazari M, Benson V, Cheng C, Samali BJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry
JournalTime-varying characteristics of bridges under the passage of vehicles using synchroextracting transformLi J, Zhu X, Law S, Samali BMechanical Systems and Signal Processing
JournalStructural damage detection and localization using a hybrid method and artificial intelligence techniquesNoori Hoshyar A, Samali B, Liyanapathirana R, Houshyar A, Yu YStructural Health Monitoring
JournalComfort cooling by wind towers in the Australian residential context : experimental wind tunnel study of comfortSadeghi M, Samali B, Wood G, De Dear RJournal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
JournalPhysical and mechanical properties of polymer modified self-compacting concrete (SCC) using natural and recycled aggregatesBani Ardalan R, Nouri Emamzadeh Z, Rasekh H, Joshaghani A, Samali BJournal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials
JournalPhysical and chemical reaction sensing in a mixed aqueous solution via metal-organic framework thin-film coated optical fiberNazari M, Amini A, Hill M, Cheng C, Samali BMicrowave and Optical Technology Letters
JournalAnalysis of failure in concrete and reinforced-concrete beams for the smart aggregate-based monitoring systemNoori Hoshyar A, Samali B, Liyanapathirana R, Taghavipour SStructural Health Monitoring
ConferenceCold-formed austenitic stainless steel channels with unfastened flanges subject to web cripplingYousefi A, Saeed N, Samali BProceedings of the 2020 Australasian Structural Engineering Conference, 11 - 13 November 2020, online
ConferenceNumerical simulation of the effect of terrain slope on fire-wind enhancementEftekharian E, Ghodrat M, He Y, Ong R, Kwok K, Samali BACMSM25: Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials, 4-7 December 2018, Brisbane, Qld.
ConferenceBridge operational modal identification using sparse blind source separationLi J, Zhu X, Samali BACMSM25: Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials, 4-7 December 2018, Brisbane, Qld.
JournalModulation of VO2 metal-insulator transition by co-doping of hydrogen and oxygen vacancyFan L, Zhu Y, Zhao S, Wang Z, Liu Z, Zhu L, Wang B, Zhang QSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
JournalCutting performance and wear mechanisms of TiAlN PVD-coated cemented carbide tool in high speed turning of Ti-5Al-2Sn-2Zr-4Mo-4Cr alloyWang B, Li A, Liu GJournal of Mechanical Science and Technology
JournalCellular substrate to facilitate global buckling of serpentine structuresYan Z, Wang B, Wang K, Zhao S, Li S, Huang Y, Wang HJournal of Applied Mechanics
JournalBismuthene: Epitaxially grown on MoTe2 and its grain boundaryWang X, Shen N, Yang X, Wang BJournal of Crystal Growth
JournalPredicting quantum spin hall effect in graphene/GaSb and normal strain-controlled band structuresWang X, Shen N, Wu J, Wang B, Wan JApplied Surface Science
JournalNonlinear dynamics of electrostatically actuated micro-pumps with thermal effects and filled fluidsWang K, Wang B, Lin K, Li J, Liu YInternational Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics
JournalElectromechanical model of layered flexoelectric energy harvesters with strain gradient effectWang K, Wang B, Li JEnergy
JournalSurface integrity enhancement of austenitic stainless steel treated by ultrasonic burnishing with two burnishing tipsShi Y, Shen X, Xu G, Xu C, Wang B, Su GArchives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
JournalSurface characteristics and corrosion behavior of TC11 titanium alloy strengthened by ultrasonic roller burnishing at room and medium temperatureSu H, Shen X, Xu C, He J, Wang B, Su GJournal of Materials Research and Technology
JournalWhy lanthanide ErIII SIMs cannot possess huge energy barriers: a theoretical investigationLu F, Ding M, Li J, Wang B, Zhang YDalton Transactions
JournalThermoelectric and stress fields for a cracked thermoelectric media based on the electric field saturation modelLiu Y, Wang B, Li J, Wang KMechanics Research Communications
JournalTheoretical model of fatigue crack growth of a thermoelectric pn-junction bonded to an elastic substrateCui Y, Wang K, Zheng L, Wang B, Zhang CMechanics of Materials
JournalInstability-induced wrinkling in thermoelectric thin film/substrate structures for thermal protection systems in supersonic space shuttle applicationsLiu Y, Wang K, Wang BMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
JournalFracture behavior and thermal shock resistance analysis of thermoelectric material plates and shells under thermal and electric shocksWang B, Li JEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalMechanical model for the interfacial thermal stress in porous ceramic foam coatings bonded to a substrateLiu Y, Wang B, Wang KMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
JournalAdjusting the electromechanical coupling behaviors of piezoelectric semiconductor nanowires via strain gradient and flexoelectric effectsRen C, Wang K, Wang BJournal of Applied Physics
JournalEffect of negative Poisson's ratio on the fracture mechanics parameters due to mechanical and thermal loadsLi J, Wang BInternational Journal of Engineering Science
JournalPerformance evaluation and lifetime prediction of a segmented photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systemCui Y, Wang B, Li J, Wang KEnergy Conversion and Management
JournalMode-I fracture analysis of micro-scale high-temperature superconductors via the double cantilever beam model and gradient elasticity theoryWang K, Wang B, Fan YModern Physics Letters B
JournalFracture of thermoelectric materials : an electrical and thermal strip saturation modelWang P, Wang K, Wang B, Zhang C, Fang DEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalFracture analysis of bi-layer electrode in lithium-ion battery caused by diffusion-induced stressZhang A, Wang B, Li G, Wang J, Du JEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalPerformance analysis of a segmented annular thermoelectric generatorWen Z, Sun Y, Zhang A, Wang B, Wang J, Du JJournal of Electronic Materials
JournalVibration analysis of piezoelectric sandwich nanobeam with flexoelectricity based on nonlocal strain gradient theoryZeng S, Wang K, Wang B, Wu JApplied Mathematics and Mechanics
JournalThermal shock resistance and thermal fracture of a thermopiezoelectric cylinder based on hyperbolic heat conductionChang D, Liu X, Wang B, Wang Q, Wang T, Han JEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalEffect of configuration size of thermoelectric couple on performance of annular thermoelectric generatorZhang A, Yan W, Pang D, Wang B, Wang JJournal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science)
JournalThermally induced delamination and buckling of a ceramic coating with temperature-dependent material properties from porous substrate at high temperaturesCui Y, Li J, Wang B, Wang KActa Mechanica
JournalAn end notched flexure specimen model for mode-II fracture of high-temperature superconductor tapes with thermal effectWang K, Li Z, Li J, Wang BModern Physics Letters B
JournalThermal shock resistance behavior of auxetic ceramic honeycombs with a central crack or an edge crackHu J, Wang B, Li J, Wang KCeramics International
JournalEffects of tension-compression asymmetry on bending of steelsMehrabi H, Yang C, Wang BApplied Sciences
JournalSize effect on the effective thermal shock strength of porous ceramics with temperature-dependent material propertiesLi Z, Wang K, Li J, Wang BCeramics International
JournalA double cantilever beam incorporating cohesive crack modeling for superconductorsWang K, Wang Y, Wang B, Zheng LModern Physics Letters B
JournalTime-dependent power output and elastic/plastic fracture analyses of porous thermoelectric ceramics for generatorsCui Y, Wang K, Li J, Wang BCeramics International
JournalThe influence of spherical inclusions on the effective thermoelectric properties of thermoelectric composite materialsYan W, Zhang A, Yi L, Wang B, Wang JChinese Physics B
JournalNonlinear analysis of piezoelectric wind energy harvesters with different geometrical shapesWang K, Wang B, Gao Y, Zhou JArchive of Applied Mechanics
JournalThermal shock resistance of porous ceramic foams with temperature-dependent material propertiesZhang Y, Wang K, Wang B, Zhang CCeramics International
JournalExact solutions to magneto-electro-thermo-elastic fields for a cracked cylinder composite during thermal shockChang D, Liu X, Wang B, Liu L, Wang T, Wang Q, Han JInternational Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design
JournalNumerical analysis of temperature field and thermal stress associated with dual-phase-lag heat conductionLi J, Wang BMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
ConferenceFracture considerations for the thermal shock resistance of porous ceramic materialsZhang Y, Wang B, Shang YIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Volume 510, The 4th International Workshop on Renewable Energy and Development (IWRED 2020), April 24-26, 2020, Sanya, China