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JournalOptimizing window configuration counterbalancing energy saving and indoor visual comfort for Sydney dwellingsSorooshnia Ehsan, Rashidi Maria, Rahnamayiezekavat Payam R., Samali BijanBuildings
JournalBack-propagation neural network optimized by K-fold cross-validation for prediction of torsional strength of reinforced concrete beamLyu Z, Yu Y, Samali B, Rashidi M, Mohammadi M, Nguyen T, Nguyen AMaterials
JournalQuality management framework for housing construction in a design-build project delivery system : a BIM-UAV approachFaraji A, Rashidi M, Agha T, Rahnamayiezekavat P, Samali BBuildings
JournalA bid/mark-up decision support model in contractor's tender strategy development phase based on project complexity measurement in the downstream sector of petroleum industryFaraji A, Rashidi M, Eftekhari N, Perera S, Mani SJournal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity
JournalSmart coating in protective clothing for firefighters : an overview and recent improvementsShakeriaski F, Ghodrat M, Rashidi M, Samali BJournal of Industrial Textiles
JournalExperimental and numerical study on the robustness of full-scale volumetric steel module under sudden support removal scenariosAlembagheri M, Sharafi P, Rashidi MJournal of Performance of Constructed Facilities
JournalApplication of TLS method in digitization of bridge infrastructures : a path to BrIM developmentMohammadi M, Rashidi M, Mousavi V, Yu Y, Samali BRemote Sensing
JournalEvaluation of the performance of a composite profile at elevated temperatures using finite element and hybrid artificial intelligence techniquesDing W, Alharbi A, Almadhor A, Rahnamayiezekavat P, Mohammadi M, Rashidi MMaterials
JournalApplicability-compatibility analysis of PMBOK seventh edition from the perspective of the construction industry distinctive peculiaritiesFaraji A, Rashidi M, Perera S, Samali BBuildings
JournalDrivers for digital twin adoption in the construction industry : a systematic literature reviewOpoku D, Perera S, Osei-Kyei R, Rashidi M, Famakinwa T, Bamdad KBuildings
JournalSimultaneous identification of bridge structural damage and moving loads using the explicit form of Newmark-B method : numerical and experimental studiesPourzeynali Miankouh S, Zhu X, Ghari Zadeh A, Rashidi M, Samali BRemote Sensing
JournalGeotechnical properties of lime-geogrid improved clayey subgrade under various moisture conditionsJahandari S, Tao Z, Saberian M, Shariati M, Li J, Abolhasani M, Kazemi M, Rahmani A, Rashidi MRoad Materials and Pavement Design
JournalEffect of silica fume on compressive strength of ultra-high-performance concrete made of calcium aluminate cement/fly ash based geopolymerWang Fang, Sun Xiaokun, Tao Zhong, Pan ZhuJournal of Building Engineering
JournalTests of circular geopolymer concrete-filled steel columns under ambient and fire conditionsKatwal Utsab, Tao Zhong, Uy Brian,  Rahme Daniel, Aziz TariqJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalAxial compressive behaviors of engineered cementitious composites-encased concrete filled steel tube columns after fire exposurePan Jinlong, Tao Zhong, Cai Jingming,  Li GuanhuaEngineering Structures
JournalCombined use of phase change material and thermal insulation to improve energy efficiency of residential buildingsAbden Md Jaynul, Tao Zhong, Alim Md. Abdul, Pan Zhu, George Laurel, Wuhrer RichardJournal of Energy Storage
JournalUse of sodium/potassium citrate to enhance strength development in carbonate-activated hybrid cementHuang Q, Tao Z, Pan Z, Wuhrer R, Rahme MConstruction and Building Materials
JournalEffect of reflective coating on thermal and electrical performances of solar roof tilesAlim M, Tao Z, Saeed N, Hao X, Abden M, Rahman AEnergy Conversion and Management
JournalEffective thermal conductivities of metal powders for additive manufacturingLiu M, Chiu L, Shen H, Fang X, Tao Z, Huang A, Davies C, Wu X, Yan WPowder Technology
JournalGreen roof as an effective tool for sustainable urban development : an Australian perspective in relation to stormwater and building energy managementAlim M, Rahman A, Tao Z, Garner B, Griffith R, Liebman MJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalClayey soil stabilization using alkali-activated volcanic ash and slagMiraki H, Shariatmadari N, Ghadir P, Jahandari S, Tao Z, Siddique RJournal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
JournalValue-added products as soil conditioners for sustainable agricultureBabla M, Katwal U, Yong M, Jahandari S, Rahme M, Chen Z, Tao ZResources, Conservation and Recycling
JournalCompressive and flexural behavior of prefabricated concrete-filled steel tubular columns with bolted splicesYang Y, Liao F, Tao Z, Zhang C, Gao XJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalSystem reliability-based design of steel-concrete composite frames with CFST columns and composite beamsTran H, Thai H, Uy B, Hicks S, Kang WJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalComposite overwrap repair of pipelines-reliability based design frameworkSaeed N, Kang W, Samali BStructures
JournalExploring the concept of public-private partnership in building critical infrastructure resilience against unexpected events : a systematic reviewAmpratwum G, Osei-Kyei R, Tam VInternational Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection
Journal[In Press] Systematic review of critical infrastructure resilience indicatorsOsei-Kyei R, Almeida L, Ampratwum G, Tam VConstruction Innovation
JournalLife cycle environmental impacts of cut flowers : a reviewLan Y, Tam V, Xing W, Datt R, Chen ZJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalContribution of infrastructure to the township's sustainable development in Southwest ChinaShe Y, Hu C, Ma D, Zhu Y, Tam V, Chen XBuildings
JournalA scientometric review of management of prefabricated construction from 2011-2021Li C, Li S, Li X, Wu H, Xiao B, Tam V, Asiedu-Kwakyewa CBuildings
JournalA prediction model for compressive strength of CO2 concrete using regression analysis and artificial neural networksTam V, Butera A, Le K, Ferreira Da Silva L, George Evangelista AConstruction and Building Materials
Journal[In Press] Exploring the challenges in the development of retirement village homes through public-private partnershipsOsei-Kyei R, Tam V, Ma M, Tijani BJournal of Housing and the Built Environment
JournalStudy on the failure mechanism of geopolymeric recycled concrete using digital image correlation methodTang Z, Li W, Peng Q, Tam V, Wang KJournal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials
Journal[In Press] Critical analysis of risks factors in using public-private partnership in building critical infrastructure resilience : a systematic reviewAmpratwum G, Tam V, Osei-Kyei RConstruction Innovation
JournalFactors affecting the price of recycled concrete : a critical reviewMa M, Tam V, Le K, Osei-Kyei RJournal of Building Engineering
JournalRisk assessment of retirement village public-private partnership homesOsei-Kyei R, Tam V, Ma MJournal of Aging and Environment
JournalSurvey of energy-related occupant perceptions in a green-rated and in a non-rated buildingMelo C E De Almeida L, Tam V, Le K, Huang Z, Forbes SAdvances in Building Energy Research
JournalEffects of locations, structures and neighbourhoods to housing price : an empirical study in Shanghai, ChinaTam V, Fung I, Wang J, Ma MInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalLife cycle assessment methodology integrated with BIM as a decision-making tool at early-stages of building designNajjar M, Figueiredo K, Jorge Evangelista A, Hammad A, Tam V, Haddad AInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalCritical success factor analysis for effective risk management at the execution stage of a construction projectShayan S, Kim K, Tam VInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalCauses of disputes, factors affecting dispute resolution and effective alternative dispute resolution for Sri Lankan construction industryIllankoon C, Tam V, Le K, Ranadewa KInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalEffect of MetaFoundation on the seismic responses of liquid storage tanksFarajian M, Khodakarami M, Sharafi PApplied Sciences
JournalFire behaviour of insulation panels commonly used in high-rise buildingsHossain M, Hassan M, Akl M, Pathirana S, Rahnamayiezekavat P, Douglas G, Bhat T, Saha SFire
JournalNumerical investigations on the influencing factors of rapid fire spread of flammable cladding in a high-rise buildingHassan M, Hossain M, Gilvonio M, Rahnamayiezekavat P, Douglas G, Pathirana S, Saha SFire
JournalBehaviour and design of bolt-coupler connections under compression in prefabricated CFST columnsHassan M, Ahmed B, Ram A, Saha SSustainability
JournalTesting of aluminium composite panels in a cone calorimeter : a new specimen preparation methodHossain M, Saha S, Hassan M, Yuen A, Wang C, Hittini W, George L, Wuhrer RPolymer Testing
JournalPost-fire stress-strain response of structural ferritic stainless steelsXie Lian, Tao Zhong, Manninen Timo, Alim Mohammad A., Yu Xin, Han Zhijiang,Wang  Xing-QiangJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalVegetated roofs as a means of sustainable urban development : a scoping reviewRahman M, Alim M, Jahan S, Rahman AWater
JournalCommunity-scale rural drinking water supply systems based on harvested rainwater : a case study of Australia and VietnamRoss T, Alim M, Rahman AWater
JournalDisinfection methods for domestic rainwater harvesting systems : a scoping reviewLatif S, Alim M, Rahman AJournal of Water Process Engineering
JournalA review and analysis of water research, development, and management in BangladeshRahman A, Jahan S, Yildirim G, Alim M, Haque M, Rahman M, Kausher AWater
JournalNumerical study of nano and micropollutant particle transport and deposition in realistic human lung airwaysRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha SPowder Technology
JournalProcess model of vibrating screen based on DEM and physics-informed machine learningArifuzzaman S, Dong K, Aibing YPowder Technology
JournalIn-plane lateral behaviour of PVC modular concrete form squat walls : experimental and numerical studyKildashti K, Nash S, Samali BJournal of Building Engineering
JournalEccentrically loaded concrete under nonuniform passive confinementTijani I, Jiang C, Lim C, Wu YJournal of Structural Engineering
JournalA review on coagulation/flocculation in dewatering of coal slurryKhazaie A, Mazarji M, Samali B, Osborne D, Minkina T, Sushkova S, Mandzhieva S, Soldatov AWater
JournalRice husk ash incorporation in calcium aluminate cement concrete : life cycle assessment, hydration and strength developmentAbolhasani A, Samali B, Aslani FSustainability
JournalEvaluation of volumetric performance of asphalt mixtures containing recycled construction aggregate (RCA)Tahmoorian F, Samali B, Yeaman J, Mirzababaei MInternational Journal of Pavement Engineering