HDR Graduates

Dr. Md Kamrul Hassan

"Behaviour of Hybrid Stainless-Carbon Steel Composite Beam-Column Joints"

Graduated: 2016
Principle Supervisor: Professor Zhong Tao
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Olivia Mirza and Dr. Tianyi Song


Dr. Mohammad Yousuf  

"Static and Impact Behaviour of Hollow and Concrete Filled Steel Columns"

Graduated: 2015
Principle Supervisor: Professor Zhong Tao
Associate Professor Fidelis Mashiri, Professor Brian Uy


Dr. Brendan James Kirkland 

"Behaviour and Design of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams Subject to Flexure and Axial Load"

Graduated: 2015
Principle Supervisor: Professor Zhong Tao
Dr. Olivia Mirza, Professor Brian Uy


Dr. Mohamed Adel Nabeeh Abdelaziz Ghannam

"Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Stainless Steel Columns Under Fire Conditions"

Graduated: 2015
Principle Supervisor: Professor Zhong Tao
Co-Supervisors: Associate Professor Fidelis Mashiri, Dr  Tian Yi Song 

Dr. Steven Lamb 

“The Effect of Wind-Induced Tall Building Motion on Occupant Comfort, Wellbeing and Work Performance”

Graduated: 2013
Principal Supervisor: Professor Kenny Kwok
Co-Supervisors: Professor Vaughan Macefield, Professor Nigel Bond, Professor Darren Walton