Seyed Babak Atashfaraz


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Design of Connections for High Performance Corner Supported Prefabricated Multi-story Modular Buildings

Project summary:

Modular buildings involve two types of connections: the beam-column connections called intra-connections which are manufactured with the high quality and rigidity, and the inter-connections which are between the module units assembled in the construction site. Inter-connections play an important role in the behaviour of modular buildings due to their degree of rigidity and their responsibility to transfer loads effectively through inter-modular connections. Among the different configurations of inter-connections in this project, innovative inter-connections are developed where the shear load between the stories is transferred by friction. The high installation speed together with the fewer construction defects make it more popular. In order to do a detailed study on the performance of the inter-connection, FE analysis besides the experimental tests are carried out. Then, the effects of the inter-connection on the intermediate moment resistance modular buildings are investigated under the static and dynamic loads. For this purpose, they are initially designed by using SAP based on the AISC and AS standards. Next, the models are developed on OpenSees to assess the performance and reliability of the buildings in accordance with the recommended method by standards under different loading scenarios.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Doctor Pejman Sharafi (Principal Supervisor) – Doctor Kamyar Kildashti (Co-Supervisor)