Mostafa Farajian


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Design of connections in corner-supported prefabricated modular steel buildings

Project summary:

Modular construction, using steel corner-supported modular units, is an impressive and environmentally friendly construction technique. It leverages off-site factory-controlled fabrication of volumetric units, including beams, columns, braces, and their intra-connections, as well as their on-site assembly through the use of so-called inter-connections, to form a building as a whole. However, due to the lack of specifications, regulations, and codes for the design of inter-connections in modular buildings, the analysis and design of inter-connections in this type of buildings has to be done through the same regulatory and compliance requirements as for the design of conventional connections. Consequently, in current practice, most of these inter-connections are being classified as connections with semi-rigid behaviour (as per the design regulations for conventional structures), requiring their actual behaviour to be modelled in the mathematical model of the structure. The aim of this research is to investigate the influence of inter-connections on the behaviour and performance of modular buildings.

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Dr. P. Sharafi (Principal), Prof. B. Samali, Prof. Yu Bai, Dr. H. Behnam