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JournalMagnetostriction-induced stress in an orthotropic mechanical thin high-Temperature superconducting disk based on the exponential model of critical stateWang K, Wang BModern Physics Letters B
JournalWear characteristics of cutting tool in brittle removal of a ductile meta in high-speed machiningSu G, Wang Y, Han Z, Zhang P, Zhang H, Wang B, Liu ZSymmetry
JournalIs there only one equilibrium configuration for spontaneous bending of liquid crystal elastomer circular plates with free edges?Wang K, Wang BEuropean Physical Journal E
JournalAnalysis of static extension of piezoelectric semiconductor nanowires considering non-uniform strain and flexoelectric effectsRen C, Wang K, Wang BEPL
JournalRCN1 induces sorafenib resistance and malignancy in hepatocellular carcinoma by activating c-MYC signaling via the IRE1a-XBP1s pathwayWang J, Ma L, Liang Y, Yang X, Wei S, Peng H, Qiu S, Lu X, Zhu Y, Wang BCell Death Discovery
JournalThe electronic, adsorption, and catalytic properties of Bi-, Sb-, and As-nanoclustersAbdelsalam H, Teleb N, Wang B, Yunoki S, Zhang QCatalysis Today
JournalMechanical design and analytic solution for unfolding deformation of locomotive ferromagnetic robotsYan Z, Wang K, Wang BInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences
JournalFast and accurate performance prediction and optimization of thermoelectric generators with deep neural networksWang P, Wang K, Xi L, Gao R, Wang BAdvanced Materials Technologies
JournalOrigin of magnetic relaxation barriers in a family of cobalt(II)-radical single-chain magnets : density functional theory and Ab initio calculationsLu F, Li J, Guo W, Wang B, Zhang YInorganic Chemistry
JournalLightweight low-frequency sound-absorbing composites of graphene network reinforced by honeycomb structureXu F, Zhang S, Wang G, Zhao D, Feng J, Wang B, He XAdvanced Materials Interfaces
JournalEnhanced fatigue performance of auxetic honeycomb/substrate structures under thermal cyclingHu J, Wang BInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences
JournalImproving thermomechanical properties of cracked brittle honeycombs by negative Poisson's ratio effectLi Z, Wang B, Wang K, Zheng LComposite Structures
JournalIndentation resistance of brittle auxetic structures : combining discrete representation and continuum modelLi Z, Wang K, Wang BEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalWaterproof, breathable and washable triboelectric nanogenerator based on electrospun nanofiber films for wearable electronicsSun N, Wang G, Zhao H, Cai Y, Li J, Li G, Zhang X, Wang B, Han J, Wang Y, Yang YNano Energy
JournalCrack growth behavior and thermal shock resistance of ceramic sandwich structures with an auxetic honeycomb coreHu J, Wang BComposite Structures
JournalIsogeometric analysis of bending, vibration, and buckling behaviors of multilayered microplates based on the non-classical refined shear deformation theoryLiu S, Wang K, Wang B, Li J, Zhang CActa Mechanica
JournalEffects of non-Fourier heat conduction and surface heating rate on thermoelastic waves in semi-infinite ceramics subject to thermal shockGuo S, Zhang Y, Wang K, Wang B, Zhang CCeramics International
JournalMechanism of crack initiation and propagation of re-entrant auxetic honeycombs under thermal shockLi Z, Wang B, Wang KJournal of Applied Mechanics
JournalSize effect on the punch performance of brittle porous ceramics : theoretical analysis and numerical simulationLi Z, Wang K, Wang B, Li JInternational Journal of Mechanical Sciences
JournalDegeneration of power output of a flexible and wearable thermoelectric module under bending fatigueWu Z, Wang B, Hou S, Zheng LMechanics of Materials
JournalAnalysis of piezoelectric PN homojunction and heterojunction considering flexoelectric effect and strain gradientRen C, Wang K, Wang BJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
JournalSunlight irradiation and wind effect on the interlaminar stresses of the organic solar cellLiu S, Wang K, Wang B, Li J, Zhang CArchive of Applied Mechanics
JournalBending behavior and its effect on switching performance of an all-optical switchWang K, Wang B, Zheng L, Zhang Y, Zhang CJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
JournalEnergy conversion performance optimization and strength evaluation of a wearable thermoelectric generator made of a thermoelectric layer on a flexible substrateCui Y, Wang B, Wang KEnergy
JournalNon-Fourier thermal shock resistance and transient thermal fracture of magneto-electro-elastic composite with a penny-shaped crackChang D, Wang B, Liu X, Wang T, Jin G, Han JEngineering Fracture Mechanics
JournalAn analytical model for performance prediction and optimization of thermoelectric generators with varied leg cross-sectionsWang P, Wang B, Wang K, Gao R, Xi LInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
JournalEffective behaviors of anisotropic thermoelectric composites containing ellipsoidal inclusionsWang P, Wang B, Wang K, Xi LComposite Structures
JournalScale effect on the nonlinear vibration of piezoelectric sandwich nanobeams on Winkler foundationLuo T, Mao Q, Zeng S, Wang K, Wang B, Wu J, Lu ZJournal of Vibration Engineering and Technologies
JournalAnalyzing size effects in a cracked orthotropic layer under antiplane shear loadingJoseph R, Zhang C, Wang B, Samali B, Goh K, Purbolaksono JArchive of Applied Mechanics
JournalInvestigation on springback behaviours of hexagonal close-packed sheet metalsMehrabi H, Yang C, Wang BApplied Mathematical Modelling
JournalA theoretical model for wearable thermoelectric generators considering the effect of human skinZhang A, Li G, Wang B, Wang JJournal of Electronic Materials
JournalShear behaviour and design of cold-formed ferritic stainless steel channels with circular web openingsYousefi A, Samali B, Yu YStructures
JournalSilicate impurities incorporation in calcium aluminate cement concrete : mechanical and microstructural assessmentAbolhasani A, Aslani F, Samali B, Ghaffar S, Fallahnejad H, Banihashemi SAdvances in Applied Ceramics
JournalFresh, mechanical, and durability properties of self-compacting mortar incorporating alumina nanoparticles and rice husk ashMehdizadeh B, Jahandari S, Vessalas K, Miraki H, Rasekh H, Samali BMaterials
Journal[In Press] Optimum external shading system for counterbalancing glare probability and daylight illuminance in Sydney's residential buildingsSorooshnia E, Rashidi M, Rahnamayiezekavat P, Rezaei F, Samali BEngineering, Construction and Architectural Management
JournalNumerical and experimental investigations of a thermal break composite fa├žade mullion under four-point bendingHuang S, Samali B, Li JJournal of Building Engineering
JournalQuality evaluation of digital twins generated based on UAV photogrammetry and TLS : bridge case studyMohammadi M, Rashidi M, Mousavi V, Karami A, Yu Y, Samali BRemote Sensing
JournalExperimental and numerical investigation of an innovative method for strengthening cold-formed steel profiles in bending throughout finite element modeling and application of neural network based on feature selection methodTaheri E, Esgandarzadeh Fard S, Zandi Y, Samali BApplied Sciences
JournalStructural performance and sustainability assessment of hybrid-cold formed modular steel frameUsefi N, Sharafi P, Mortazavi M, Ronagh H, Samali BJournal of Building Engineering
JournalPhysicochemical, mineralogical, and mechanical properties of calcium aluminate cement concrete exposed to elevated temperaturesAbolhasani A, Samali B, Aslani FMaterials
JournalComputational simulation of light timber framing connections strengthened with self-tapping screwsKildashti K, Alinoori F, Moshiri F, Samali BJournal of Building Engineering
JournalComprehensive study of moving load identification on bridge structures using the explicit form of Newmark-B method : numerical and experimental studiesPourzeynali S, Zhu X, Ghari Zadeh A, Rashidi M, Samali BRemote Sensing
JournalBuckling behavior of non-retrofitted and FRP-retrofitted steel CHS T-jointsYazdi A, Rashidi M, Alembagheri M, Samali BApplied Sciences
JournalShake table testing of standard cold-formed steel storage rackFirouzianhaji A, Usefi N, Samali B, Mehrabi PApplied Sciences
JournalNumerical analysis of axial cyclic behavior of FRP retrofitted CHS jointsAlembagheri M, Rashidi M, Yazdi A, Samali BMaterials
JournalComputational simulation of eccentrically loaded reinforced concrete walls formed with modular thin-walled permanent formwork systemKildashti K, Samali B, Malik A, Alamdari MJournal of Building Engineering
JournalMulti-image-feature-based hierarchical concrete crack identification framework using optimized SVM multi-classifiers and D-S fusion algorithm for bridge structuresYu Y, Rashidi M, Samali B, Yousefi A, Wang WRemote Sensing
JournalPunching behaviour of foam filled modular sandwich panels with high-density polyethylene skinsTahmoorian F, Nemati S, Sharafi P, Samali B, Khakpour SJournal of Building Engineering
JournalA comprehensive taxonomy for structure and material deficiencies, preventions and remedies of timber bridgesRashidi M, Noori Hoshyar A, Smith L, Samali B, Siddique RJournal of Building Engineering
JournalExperimental and numerical investigation on the complex behaviour of the localised seismic response in a multi-storey plan-asymmetric structureAlam Z, Sun L, Zhang C, Su Z, Samali BStructure and Infrastructure Engineering
ConferenceComputer vision-based classification of cracks on concrete bridges using machine learning techniquesYu Y, Rashidi M, Samali B, Mohammadi M, Nguyen AProceedings of the 10th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII), Porto, Portugal, 30 June - 2 July 2021
ConferenceCase study on accuracy comparison of digital twins developed for a heritage bridge via UAV photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanningMohammadi M, Rashidi M, Mousavi V, Karami A, Yu Y, Samali BProceedings of the 10th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII), Porto, Portugal, 30 June - 2 July 2021
JournalEffects of predamage and load cyclic on compression behavior of fiber reinforced polymer-confined concreteCao Y, Hou C, Liu M, Jiang CStructural Concrete
JournalShear behaviour of the UHPC-NSC interface with castellated keys : effects of castellated key dimension and dowel rebarGuan D, Liu J, Jiang C, Chen Z, Guo ZStructures
JournalA unified bond-slip model for the interface between FRP and steelJiang C, Yu Q, Gu XComposites Part B: Engineering
JournalPreliminary investigation of an approach to improve water impermeability in concrete with externally bonded FRP systemsJiang C, Lai W, Sham J, Lin GJournal of Composites for Construction
JournalAnalysis-oriented stress-strain model for FRP-confined predamaged concreteCao Y, Zhang Y, Liu M, Lu Z, Jiang CJournal of Building Engineering
JournalRobustness of multistory corner-supported modular steel frames against progressive collapseAlembagheri M, Sharafi P, Tao Z, Hajirezaei R, Kildashti KStructural Design of Tall and Special Buildings
JournalGravity-induced progressive collapse response of precast corner-supported modular buildingsSharafi P, Alembagheri M, Kildashti K, Ganji HJournal of Architectural Engineering
JournalTransmissibility performance assessment for drive-by bridge inspectionAlamdari M, Kaichun C, Kim C, Kildashti K, Kalhori HEngineering Structures
JournalThe influence of inter-module connections on the effective length of columns in multi-story modular steel framesFarajian M, Sharafi P, Kildashti KJournal of Constructional Steel Research
BookProceedings for the Fifth Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics (ACCM 2021), Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, 13 - 15 December 2021Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Dong K, Yu Y, Xiang Y, Yang CRecent Advances in Computational Methods and Applications
JournalAtomic structure evolutions and mechanisms of the crystallization pathway of liquid Al during rapid coolingZhou L, Pan J, Lang L, Tian Z, Mo Y, Dong KRSC Advances
JournalNumerical study of nanoscale and microscale particle transport in realistic lung models with and without stenosisRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha SInternational Journal of Multiphase Flow
JournalEffect of building cross-section shape on air pollutant dispersion around buildingsKeshavarzian E, Jin R, Dong K, Kwok KBuilding and Environment
JournalThe topologically close-packed Fe70Cu15Ni15 nanoparticles : a simulation studyLi X, Tian Z, Xie Q, Dong KVacuum
JournalThree-dimensional topological structures and formation processes of dislocations in Au nanowire under tension loadingHou Z, Li C, Liu L, Gao Q, Wang J, Liu R, Tian Z, Dong KComputational Materials Science
JournalAerosol particle transport and deposition in upper and lower airways of infant, child and adult human lungsRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha SAtmosphere
JournalA CFD study of wind assessment in urban topology with complex wind flowZhang S, Kwok K, Liu H, Jiang Y, Dong K, Wang BSustainable Cities and Society
JournalDEM simulation of vibrated packing densification of mono-sized regular octahedral particlesWang L, An X, Wu Y, Qian Q, Zou R, Dong KPowder Technology
JournalExperimental and numerical studies on a new double-stage tandem nesting cycloneYu G, Dong S, Yang L, Yan D, Dong K, Wei Y, Wang BChemical Engineering Science
JournalDEM study on the segregation of a non-spherical intruder in a vibrated granular bedQiao J, Dong K, Duan CProcesses
JournalAging effects on airflow distribution and micron-particle transport and deposition in a human lung using CFD-DPM approachRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha SAdvanced Powder Technology
JournalAn assessment of the mathematical models for estimating the coordination number of the packing of multisized particlesYi L, Zou R, Pinson D, Dong K, Yu APowder Technology
JournalDynamic investigation on the powder spreading during selective laser melting additive manufacturingYao D, An X, Fu H, Zhang H, Yang X, Zou Q, Dong KAdditive Manufacturing
JournalOn the relationships between structural properties and packing density of uniform spheresAn X, Dong K, Yang R, Zou R, Yu APowder Technology
JournalInconsistency of neighborhood based on Voronoi tessellation and Euclidean distanceWang S, Tian Z, Dong K, Xie QJournal of Alloys and Compounds
JournalHow stars are packed in the universe : a comparison with sphere packingWang C, Dong K, Zou R, Yu APowder Technology
JournalDEM study of segregation degree and velocity of binary granular mixtures subject to vibrationQiao J, Duan C, Dong K, Wang W, Jiang H, Zhu H, Zhao YPowder Technology
JournalNumerical investigation of drag property for fluid flow through random arrays of elliptical cylindersSong S, Rong L, Dong K, Shen YPowder Technology
JournalHeterogeneous condensation combined with inner vortex broken cyclone to achieve high collection efficiency of fine particles and low energy consumptionZhang Y, Jin R, Dong S, Wang Y, Dong K, Wei Y, Wang BPowder Technology
JournalMultiple heterojunction system of boron nitride-graphene/black phosphorene as highly efficient solar cellZeng J, Xu L, Dong K, Yang K, Wang LAdvanced Theory and Simulations
JournalEffect of vibration mode on self-assembly of granular spheres under three-dimensional vibrationAmirifar R, Dong K, Zeng Q, An X, Yu APowder Technology
ConferenceThe effects of density on particle deposition in the human respiratory tractRahman M. Mizanur , Zhao Ming, Islam Mohammad S., Dong Kejun, Saha Suvash CThe Fifth Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics (ACCM2021), 13-15 December 2021, Sydney, Australia
ConferenceThe effects of physical activity on pollutant particle deposition in the realistic human lung airwaysRahman M. Mizanur , Zhao Ming, Islam Mohammad S., Dong Kejun, Saha Suvash CThe 3rd International Symposium on Computational Particle Technology, 17-21 November 2021, Suzhou, China and Melbourne, Australia
ConferenceParticle velocity profile in an inclined rotating drumWidhate P, Zhu H, Zeng Q, Dong KEPJ Web Conf. Volume 249, 2021: Powders & Grains 2021: 9th International Conference on Micromechanics on Granular Media, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Virtual), July 5, 13, 21, 29 and Aug 6, 2021
JournalProduction of fresh water by a solar still : an experimental case study in AustraliaNomor E, Islam R, Alim M, Rahman AWater
JournalImproving household agriculture with roof-harvested rainwater : a case study in Sydney and NairobiAmos C, Rahman A, Jahan S, Gathenya J, Alim MWater
JournalExperimental investigation of an integrated rainwater harvesting unit for drinking water production at the household levelAlim M, Ashraf A, Rahman A, Tao Z, Roy R, Khan M, Shirin SJournal of Water Process Engineering
JournalEvaluation of the melting performance in a conical latent heat thermal unit having variable length finsGhalambaz M, Mehryan S, Mahdavi M, Younis O, Alim MSustainability
JournalA critical review on the development and challenges of concentrated solar power technologiesShahabuddin M, Alim M, Alam T, Mofijur M, Ahmed S, Perkins GSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
JournalA continental scale evaluation of rainwater harvesting in AustraliaKhan Z, Alim M, Rahman M, Rahman AResources, Conservation and Recycling
JournalExperimental study on lightweight concrete made with expanded clay aggregate and limeHassan M, Islam M, Dhital P, Karki RInnovative Infrastructure Solutions
JournalBehaviour of prefabricated steel-concrete composite slabs with a novel interlocking system : numerical analysisHassan M, Subramanian K, Saha S, Sheikh MEngineering Structures
JournalBehaviour and design of prefabricated CFST stub columns with PCC connections under compressionHassan M, Sheikh M, Saha SThin-Walled Structures
JournalExperimental and numerical investigation of cold-form steel wall frame panels with plasterboards under flexural loadingHassan M, Mirza O, Al Faily F, Dutt RInnovative Infrastructure Solutions
JournalFlame behaviour, fire hazard and fire testing approach for lightweight composite claddings : a reviewHossain M, Hassan M, Yuen A, He Y, Saha S, Hittini WJournal of Structural Fire Engineering
JournalSystem identification of a volumetric steel modular frame using experimental and numerical vibration analysisSharafi P, Rashidi M, Alembagheri M, Bigdeli AJournal of Architectural Engineering
JournalNatural dynamic characteristics of volumetric steel modules with gypsum sheathed LSF walls : experimental studyAlembagheri M, Sharafi P, Rashidi M, Bigdeli A, Farajian MStructures
JournalDeformation and permeability of recycled aggregate concrete : a comprehensive reviewTam V, Soomro M, Evangelista A, Haddad AJournal of Building Engineering
JournalPeptide location fingerprinting reveals tissue region-specific differences in protein structures in an ageing human organEckersley A, Ozols M, Chen P, Tam V, Hoyland J, Trafford A, Chan D, Sherratt MInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
JournalEffects of seawater and undesalted sea sand on the hydration products, mechanical properties and microstructures of cement mortarQu F, Li W, Wang K, Tam V, Zhang SConstruction and Building Materials
JournalModelling the work-as-done in the building maintenance using a layered FRAM : a case study on HVAC maintenanceDe Souza I, Rosa A, Evangelista A, Tam V, Haddad AJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalCritical success factors for developing construction and demolition waste management in ChinaHuang Z, Ma M, Tam V, Lang HProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability
JournalA greenhouse-gas emission reduction toolkit at urban scaleKarimipour H, Tam V, Le K, Burnie HSustainable Cities and Society
JournalEffective construction and demolition waste management assessment through waste management hierarchy : a case of Australian large construction companiesKabirifar K, Mojtahedi M, Wang C, Tam VJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalQuality improvement of recycled concrete aggregate by removal of residual mortar : a comprehensive review of approaches adoptedTam V, Soomro M, Jorge Evangelista AConstruction and Building Materials
JournalA critical review of combined natural ventilation techniques in sustainable buildingsZhang H, Yang D, Tam V, Tao Y, Zhang G, Setunge S, Shi LRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
JournalMechanical properties of CO2 concrete utilising practical carbonation variablesTam V, Butera A, Le KJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalOccupant behaviour and its relation to climate in AustraliaAlmeida L, Tam V, Le KProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability
JournalUsers' building optimal performance manualAlmeida L, Tam V, Le KCleaner and Responsible Consumption
JournalIntegration of life cycle assessment and life cycle cost using building information modeling : a critical reviewLu K, Jiang X, Yu J, Tam V, Skitmore MJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalEffect of magnetized water on the fresh, hardened and durability properties of mortar mixes with marble waste dust as partial replacement of cementGhorbani S, Mohammadi-Khatami M, Ghorbani S, Elmi A, Farzan M, Soleimani V, Negahban M, Tam V, Tavakkolizadeh MConstruction and Building Materials
JournalCombined influence of waste steel fibre and fly ash on rheological and mechanical performance of fibre-reinforced concreteAkid A, Shah S, Sobuz M, Tam V, Anik SAustralian Journal of Civil Engineering
JournalImpact of industrial agglomeration on haze pollution : new evidence from Bohai Sea economic region in ChinaLu W, Tam V, Du L, Chen HJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalAn agent-based model approach for urban demolition waste quantification and a management framework for stakeholdersDing Z, Liu R, Wang Y, Tam V, Ma MJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalDurability deterioration of concrete under marine environment from material to structure : a critical reviewQu F, Li W, Dong W, Tam V, Yu TJournal of Building Engineering
JournalImplementing lean construction techniques and management methods in Chinese projects : a case study in Suzhou, ChinaXing W, Hao J, Qian L, Tam V, Sikora KJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalReducing labor productivity losses through a productivity stratification indicatorDe Araujo L, Caldas C, Tam VJournal of Architectural Engineering
JournalA regression-based framework to examine thermal loads of buildingsNajjar M, Rosa A, Hammad A, Vazquez E, Jorge Evangelista A, Tam V, Haddad AJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalMapping the knowledge domains of emerging advanced technologies in the management of prefabricated constructionLi C, Hu M, Xiao B, Chen Z, Tam V, Zhao YSustainability
JournalNew hybrid simulation model of urban construction waste management : an empirical study in Shenzhen, ChinaDing Z, Cao X, Shi M, Tam V, Illankoon CProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability
JournalCO2 concrete and its practical value utilising living lab methodologiesTam V, Butera A, Le K, Li WCleaner Engineering and Technology
JournalPerformance of recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tubular (RACFST) stub columns with expansive agentTam V, Tao Z, Jorge Evangelista AConstruction and Building Materials
JournalCritical review of the threats affecting the building of critical infrastructure resilienceOsei-Kyei R, Tam W, Ma M, Mashiri FInternational Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Journal[In Press] Environmental impacts assessment for Australian buildings : thermal resistance and environmental impacts relationshipTran C, Tam V, Le K, Illankoon CInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalMethods to improve microstructural properties of recycled concrete aggregate : a critical reviewTam V, Wattage H, Le K, Butera A, Soomro MConstruction and Building Materials
JournalFlexural behavior of corroded reinforced concrete beam strengthened with jute fiber reinforced polymerAkid A, Al Wasiew Q, Sobuz M, Rahman T, Tam VAdvances in Structural Engineering
JournalUnited Nation's sustainable development goals : establishing baseline for Australian building sectorIllankoon C, Tam V, Le KIntelligent Buildings International
JournalEffective strategies for developing retirement village public - private partnershipOsei-Kyei R, Tam V, Ma MInternational Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis
JournalPerformance deterioration of sustainable recycled aggregate concrete under combined cyclic loading and environmental actionsLei B, Li W, Luo Z, Li X, Tam V, Tang ZJournal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials
JournalLife-cycle analysis by using the alternative sustainable water innovations in residential dwellingsTam V, Kim K, Brohier AInternational Journal of Construction Management
JournalA review on international ecological legislation on energy consumption : greenhouse gas emission managementTam V, Le K, Tran C, Illankoon CInternational Journal of Construction Management
ConferenceBuilding occupants and the lack of awareness in energy conservation measuresAlmeida L, Tam V, Le KProceedings of the 44th Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference (AUBEA 2021): Construction Education: Live the Future, Virtual Conference, Deakin University, Australia, 28 - 29 October 2021
ConferenceAdopting life cycle assessment for various greenhouse typologies in multiple cropping environment in AustraliaJorge Evangelista A, Lan Y, Chen Z, Tam V, Datt REcoDesign and Sustainability II: Social Perspectives and Sustainability Assessment: Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing, Yokohama, Japan, 25-27 November 2019
ConferenceProcess modelling for an efficient and dynamic energy consumption for fresh produce in protected croppingSamaranayake P, Lopaticki G, Liang W, Tam V, Chen Z, Lan YEcoDesign and Sustainability II: Social Perspectives and Sustainability Assessment: Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing, Yokohama, Japan, 25-27 November 2019
Journal[In Press] Bayesian framework for updating seismic loss functions with limited observational data in low-to-moderate seismicity regionsChoi I, Kim J, Kang W, Kim YJournal of Earthquake Engineering
JournalReliability considerations of modern design codes for CFST columnsThai H, Thai S, Ngo T, Uy B, Kang W, Hicks SJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalStructural system reliability : overview of theories and applications to optimizationSong J, Kang W, Lee Y, Chun JASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering
JournalAn ultra-lightweight CFRP beam-string structureZhang J, Zhou P, Guan C, Liu T, Kang W, Feng P, Gao SComposite Structures
JournalDesign resistance of helical seam pipe columns with limited tensile test dataKang W, Hicks S, Uy B, Aslani FJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalStatistical data expansion using Kriging for probabilistic capacity factor calibrationKang W, Tao ZEngineering Structures
JournalIncorporation of recycled polypropylene and fly ash in polypropylene-based composites for automotive applicationsAjorloo M, Ghodrat M, Kang WJournal of Polymers and the Environment
JournalTensile stress-strain models for high strength steelsWang X, Tao Z, Katwal U, Hou CJournal of Constructional Steel Research
JournalDevelopment of piezoresistive cement-based sensor using recycled waste glass cullets coated with carbon nanotubesDong W, Guo Y, Sun Z, Tao Z, Li WJournal of Cleaner Production
JournalA comprehensive review on performance of cementitious and geopolymeric concretes with recycled waste glass as powder, sand or culletDong W, Li W, Tao ZResources, Conservation and Recycling
JournalBehaviour of austenitic stainless steel bolts at elevated temperaturesWang H, Hu Y, Wang X, Tao Z, Tang S, Pang X, Chen YEngineering Structures
JournalSimplified nonlinear simulation of rectangular concrete-filled steel tubular columnsTao Z, Katwal U, Uy B, Wang WJournal of Structural Engineering
ConferenceMechanical properties of geopolymer mortars activated with laboratory-made sodium silicateAziz T, Tao Z, Pan Z, Rahme DProceedings of the 30th Biennial National Conference of Concrete Institute of Australia, Virtual Conference, 5-8 September 2021
JournalMechanical properties of recycled aggregate concretes containing silica fume and steel fibresJahandari S, Mohammadi M, Rahmani A, Abolhasani M, Miraki H, Mohammadifar L, Kazemi M, Saberian M, Rashidi MMaterials
JournalUtilizing artificial intelligence to predict the superplasticizer demand of self-consolidating concrete incorporating pumice, slag, and fly ash powdersLiu J, Mohammadi M, Zhan Y, Zheng P, Rashidi M, Mehrabi PMaterials
JournalA novel slip sensory system for interfacial condition monitoring of steel-concrete composite bridgesSadeghi F, Zhu X, Li J, Rashidi MRemote Sensing
JournalMultihybrid dispute resolution framework for projects of downstream sector of petroleum industryFaraji A, Rashidi M, Tezangi M, Perera SJournal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction
JournalApplication of artificial intelligence to evaluate the fresh properties of self-consolidating concreteFeng Y, Mohammadi M, Wang L, Rashidi M, Mehrabi PMaterials
JournalText mining risk assessment-based model to conduct uncertainty analysis of the general conditions of contract in housing construction projects : case study of the NSW GC21Faraji A, Rashidi M, Perera SJournal of Architectural Engineering
JournalExperimental and informational modeling study on flexural strength of eco-friendly concrete incorporating coal wasteDabbaghi F, Rashidi M, Nehdi M, Sadeghi H, Karimaei M, Rasekh H, Qaderi FSustainability
JournalNumerical and analytical study of ultimate capacity of steel plate shear walls with partial plate-column connection (SPSW-PC)Gorji Azandarani M, Rousta A, Mohammadi M, Rashidi M, Abdolmaleki HStructures
JournalDigital twin application in the construction industry : a literature reviewOpoku D, Perera S, Osei-Kyei R, Rashidi MJournal of Building Engineering
JournalA risk analysis-best worst method based model for selection of the most appropriate contract strategy for onshore drilling projects in the Iranian petroleum industryFaraji A, Rashidi M, Khadir P, Perera SBuildings
JournalEstimating compressive strength of concrete containing untreated coal waste aggregates using ultrasonic pulse velocityKarimaei M, Dabbaghi F, Dehestani M, Rashidi MMaterials