Psychology Clinics

The Western Sydney University Psychology Clinics offers;

  • Psychological testing of children, adolescents and adults.
    • This includes the assessment of learning, intelligence and memory.
  • Psychological treatment for children, adolescents and adults requiring assistance with;
    • Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks, fears, phobias and worries)
    • Obsessive Compulsive and related disorders
    • Depression or low mood
    • Low self-esteem
    • Stress
    • Behavioural problems
    • Post-traumatic stress

The Psychology Clinics is staffed by provisionally registered psychologists currently undertaking post graduate training to become clinical psychologists.

All provisionally registered psychologists are supervised by full accredited and experienced clinical psychology supervisors. The clinic prides itself on providing excellence in clinical supervision.

The Psychology Clinics are committed to providing quality client care, offering specialised assessment and treatment using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is an evidence based intervention, meaning that it is scientifically tested and proven to be effective. CBT teaches individuals to change unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The Psychology Clinics also function as a research facility, undertaking cutting edge research in the field of mental health. This in turn means that the most current and effective assessment and treatment methods are used to further ensure a high standard of care for our clients.

To book an appointment or for further details about our service contact us on;

Phone: (02) 9852 5288


The Psychology Clinics
Western Sydney University
Building O
Kingswood Campus
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