Doctor Anne Griebel

Anne Griebel I’m an ecologist with a passion to unravel the effect of our changing climate on ecosystem properties, biosphere-atmosphere interactions and vegetation health. For my predominantly experimental research projects, I utilize continuous measurements from micro-meteorological stations (flux towers) as well as remote sensing data from drone and satellite observations, which I complement with a suite of ground-based sensor networks, such as terrestrial LiDAR scanners, sap flow sensors, dendrometers and repeated vegetation inventories. I have worked across a large range of ecosystems, from urban grasslands to prairies, and from deciduous to evergreen broadleaf forests, which fuels my drive to find commonalities among these contrasting ecosystems through synthesis studies.

I was introduced to flux research during an internship at the USGS while doing my Masters in Physical Geography at the University of Bonn, Germany. I then moved to Australia to complete my dissertation on ‘New approaches to investigate growth dynamics in forests’ at the University of Melbourne. In 2016 I joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment for a postdoc in biosphere-atmosphere flux ecology, where I worked with Elise Pendall on pressing questions about how mistletoe infection and extreme climate events alter ecosystem structure, carbon, water and energy cycling and tree health. I am now a postdoctoral research fellow in RPAS-based remote sensing, and am working with Matthias Boer and his team on incorporating remotely piloted LiDAR and hyperspectral drones into ongoing research projects at the TERN SuperSite and across Australia’s fire-prone ecosystems.

You can read more about my research and teaching activities on my personal webpage, or find me on Researchgate or GoogleScholar.

Areas of research/teaching expertise

I have established myself as an expert in the discipline of micrometeorology with a passion to combine methods in atmospheric science, remote sensing and ecology to examine the exchange of carbon, water and energy fluxes, soil biogeochemistry and greenhouse gas cycling across a variety of managed and natural ecosystems.

My research shows how extreme climate events can lead to tree mortality and modify energy distribution, water and matter cycling in Australia’s temperate eucalypt forests. I quantified the effect of surface heterogeneity and climate variability on ecosystem carbon budgets and suggested an approach to compensate for these, which enables scientists to more accurately relate ecosystem responses to local climate.

Further, I developed novel approaches to decipher the impact of climate variability and climate extremes on the carbon allocation dynamics in forests, for which I incorporated new terrestrial remote sensing techniques in my field setups and established robust quality control approaches that are on the forefront of automated monitoring systems.

In addition, I am an active participant and a leader in micrometeorological data processing workshops within the Australian and international flux community. During my PhD I completed a Specialist Certificate in Teaching for Graduate Researchers at the University of Melbourne in 2014, where I received an excellent theoretical and practical basis on the fundamental principles of effective university teaching and curriculum design for learning in higher education. I am an energetic supervisor and passionate teacher with many chances to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice when developing high quality, innovative subject material for lectures, tutorials and practicals for undergraduate and postgraduate units at HIE.

Bushfire Research

Our research also includes the role of fire and its effects on global change. Please see here (opens in a new window) for further details on our bushfire research.

Awards and recognition

Total: $148,300.00
2018 Conference Travel and Training Fund 2018 ($4,112 Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University)
2017 Soil Biology and Genomics theme funds ($1,900 Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University)
2017 Conference Travel and Training Fund 2017 ($2,525 Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University)
2016 Outstanding Student Paper Award (Biogeosciences Section, AGU Fall Meeting 2015, $450 meeting registration fee waiver and $150 book voucher)
2015 – 2016 Studentship ($4,200 The University of Melbourne)
2015 Faculty of Science Travelling Scholarship ($2,400 Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne)
2014 SF Ponds Travelling Scholarship ($1,500 School of Forest and Ecosystem Science, The University of Melbourne)
2014 OzFlux Travel Grant ($500 OzFlux National Ecosystem Research Network)
2013 MSLE research grant ($4,500 Melbourne School of Land and Environment, The University of Melbourne)
2012 – 2016  International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS; fee remission, relocation allowance + other benefits, Department of Education and Training of the Australian government)
2012 – 2015  Australian Postgraduate Award ($87,500; Department of Education and Training of the Australian government)
2012 – 2015  RHD Studentship ($30,000, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)
2010 DAAD Scholarship for Internships abroad (€3,800/$6150 German Academic Exchange Service)

Selected publications

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