Doctor Manjunatha H Chandregowda

Manju Chandregowda I am an ecosystem ecologist studying the interface of plants and soil. In particular, I am interested in the mechanisms that enable plants to adjust to changes in their environment. Additionally, I am interested in how plant communities mediate climate and global change impacts on ecosystem processes.

With the prospect of increasing variations in precipitation regimes and atmospheric warming, understanding ecosystem (many times species-specific) strategies to adjust these changes have drawn particular interest in developing a framework for sustainable plant production practices in a future climate. As a research fellow in the Pastures and Climate Extremes project, I work to understand forage plant responses to predicted climate changes using mesocosm and field scale experiments. In particular, I use trait-based and eco-physiological approaches to understand plant strategies to adjust to changes in their environment.

Besides, my research also involves understanding plant-plant and plant-soil-microbe interactions in a future warmer and drier climate.

Awards and recognition

  • HIE Research Symposium “Best poster” award, WSU 2022 (second place)
  • HIE HDR Symposium “Best speaker” award, WSU 2021 (second place)


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