Doctor Assaf Inbar

I am an ecosystem modeller interested in the interactions and feedbacks within natural systems and how these respond to and interact with changes in climate and fire. I came to HIE after a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (in Ecohydrology) at the University of Melbourne where I developed a model that can be used to predict the effect of the changing climate on carbon, water and fire regimes on tall-wet sclerophyll forests in Victoria and on Melbourne’s water supply in particular.

I hold a B.Sc. in biology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an M.Sc. in Environmental and Soil Science from Tel Aviv University. I did my Ph.D. at the University of Melbourne, where I combined spatial analysis, fieldwork, and developed a new numerical model to study the role of climate and fire on the coevolution of the Critical Zone (defined as the preamble layer between bedrock to treetop that covers the land surface). I then used the model to show that asymmetric hillslopes in South-eastern Australia might have resulted from eco-hydro-geomorphic feedback between microclimate, forests, soils and fire.

I currently work with Professor Belinda Medlyn’s group on her Laureate project aimed to develop a community Dynamic Vegetation Model for Australia. I am interested in combining data and different modelling approaches to answer fundamental and applied questions regarding vegetation dynamics, Critical Zone structure and function and the feedbacks between vegetation, soils, climate and fire at different spatial and temporal scales.

Bushfire Research

Our research also includes the role of fire and its effects on global change. Please see here (opens in a new window) for further details on our bushfire research.

  • 2020 - Albert Shimmins Research Continuity Grant – Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne
  • 2016 – Study Away Travel Grant - Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne
  • 2010 - COST Action - Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) - Forest Management and the Water Cycle
  • 2009 - Smaller-Winnikow fellowship for excellence in environmental research
Selected publications

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