Doctor Hannah Carle

Hannah CarleHannah arrived at HIE as postdoctoral research fellow in June 2023. She joins Paul Rymer’s team to investigate the climate sensitivities and critical thresholds of species in the Cumberland Plains woodlands, as part of the Cumberland Plains Conservation Plan research program. Her postdoctoral research combines experimental manipulation of plants in controlled environments with field-based studies of natural populations.

Hannah received a Bachelor of Science Advanced (Geoscience and Plant Sciences) with Honours (Paleoecology) from Monash University in 2016. She then worked in science communication with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre and Scienceworks Museum for three years before the commencement of her PhD. Hannah completed her PhD research in tropical forest ecophysiology and forest carbon at the Research School of Biology, The Australian national University. She has conducted research fieldwork in ecosystems as diverse as Malaysian Borneo, tropical Australia, the Australian alpine region, and the Chatham Islands.

Hannah is an award-winning academic speaker and science communicator. She also volunteers as a Committee of Management board member for Westgate Biodiversity Bili Nursery and Landcare in Melbourne.

Areas of research/teaching expertise

Ecophysiology; forest ecosystems; climate change; plasticity and adaptation

Awards and recognition

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Travel Award, ANU 2022
  • University Finalist, Three Minute Thesis, ANU 2022
  • Student Travel Award, Research School of Biology, ANU 2022
  • Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstration, College of Science, ANU 2022
  • Best Student Poster, British Ecological Society 2021
  • Wiley Student Prize for Outstanding Student Presentation (second place), Ecological Society of Australia 2020
  • Jan Anderson ANU-NTU HDR Supplementary Scholarship 2019


  • Seed grant, Research School of Biology, ANU 2022
  • Student Research Award, Ecological Society of Australia 2019
  • Monash-Warwick Alliance Fellowship (travel grant), ICUR 2015

Selected publications

Nicotra AB, Geange SR, Bahar NHA, Carle H, Catling A, Garcia A, Harris RJ, Head ML, Jin M, Whitehead MR, Zurcher H, Beckmann EA, (2022) 'An innovative approach to using an intensive field course to build scientific and professional skills', Ecology and Evolution, vol.12: e9446,

Binks O, Cernusak LA, Liddell M, Bradford M, Coughlin I, Carle HJ, Bryant C, Dunn E, Oliveira R, Mencuccini M, Meir P, (2022) 'Forest system hydraulic conductance: partitioning tree and soil components', New Phytologist, vol.233, pp 1667-1681

Binks O, Carle HJ, Coughlin I, da Costa AL, Meir P, (2021) 'Measuring the vertical profile of leaf wetness in a forest canopy,' MethodsX, vol.8.