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Business and Laws at Western

The course couples highly sought after qualifications in law and business. You will develop professional legal skills, including the ability to analyse and interpret legal material, understand fundamental legal principles, the relationship between law and society, and solve non-legal problems. You will also be able to tailor your study for career paths in a variety of local and international law fields.

The course meets the undergraduate academic requirements for admission to legal practice through the Legal Profession Admission Board.

Depending on the Business major selected, employment possibilities are available in areas including accounting, taxation, economics, banking and finance, industrial relations, management, government, policy and governance, marketing and property. Graduates may pursue further specialised study.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of skills in advocacy, negotiation, legal drafting and legal research.

Course structure

The course structure is outlined in our handbook. Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

The Accounting major equips you with the expert skills to create a career as an accounting specialist. You will be prepared to succeed in a range of roles in accounting practices, and also in both public and private enterprises.

In this major you will develop in-depth knowledge of accounting, supported by knowledge of law, economics, and finance. Accounting major units focus on the fundamentals of financial and management accounting, as well as accounting information and corporate systems.

If you are seeking professional accreditation, you will also undertake specialised units in taxation and audit and assurance. The core units in the Bachelor of Business will provide you a foundation of business knowledge and develop your skills in innovation, career planning, and numeracy.

The Accounting major builds on this knowledge and skills in an applied discipline based context. Accountants are in high global demand by enterprises in corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

The Accounting major is accredited with CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

The Applied Finance major equips you with the expert skills to create a career as a finance specialist.

In this major you will develop in-depth knowledge of finance with a focus on investment and securities, economics, and banking and finance. The core units in the Bachelor of Business will provide you a foundation of business knowledge and develop your skills in innovation, career planning, and numeracy.

The Applied Finance major builds on this knowledge and skills in an applied discipline based context. Finance specialists work in a range of roles within the rapidly growing finance sector.

This major fulfils the educational requirements for admission as an Associate (A Fin) of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) provided the applicant is at least working in the financial services industry.

All other students are eligible to apply for Affiliate membership (no postnominals apply).

The Economics major provides a broad pluralist perspective on fundamental aspects of relationships between individuals, firms, institutions and countries.

Students will learn how economies function and how public policy and the way organisations behave affect diverse social, economic and environmental problems. Students are introduced to a wide array of competing economic theories, so that they are critically informed about the ways in which they can transform the world.

A major in Economics prepares students to be active participants in addressing the wide range of problems faced by governments, social organisations and the business community in the domestic and international economies.

Students who study economics can expect to develop their analytical and problem solving skills and to be intellectually challenged, whether they view the discipline as providing specific vocational skills or as an area of academic and intellectual interest to them.

An Economics major is very highly regarded in the business world and opens up a very large range of career prospects in general business, finance and the public sector.

The Property major equips you with the expert skills to create a career as a property specialist. You will be prepared to succeed in a range of roles in the property industry, including careers in valuation, property investment, property funds management and property development.

The practical Property major units focus on the property investment, business, planning and law, with opportunities for engagement with industry, dependent on availability. If you are seeking professional accreditation, you will also undertake specialised units in building and statutory and specialised valuation.

The core units in the Bachelor of Business will provide you with a foundation of business knowledge and develop your skills in innovation, career planning, and numeracy. The Property major builds on this knowledge and skills in an applied discipline based context.

Property specialists work for institutional investors with multi-billion dollar commercial property portfolios, major property companies, valuation firms and leading property advisory companies, both in Australia and overseas.

The Property major is accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API) and, depending on electives chosen, students may be eligible for API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) certification. Students, depending on chosen electives, are also eligible for API certifications of Certified Property Practitioner, Certified Property Manager, Certified Asset Manager and Certified Development Practitioner.

The Hospitality Management major is designed to prepare you for a career that goes beyond providing customer ‘service’ and focuses on providing customer ‘experience’.

This major equips you with the expert skills required to effectively and efficiently manage hotels, resorts, clubs, food-service enterprises or other service-oriented businesses.

The Hospitality Management major units focus on hospitality operations management, planning and design of hospitality facilities, and business management, with opportunities to undertake industry-related projects.

Hospitality Management leads to exciting and varied careers across a range of local and international sectors.

Marketing focuses on the exchange process built around understanding and satisfying the needs and wants of customers.

Often this is associated as doing business within a highly competitive business environment, yet marketing strategy is also important for government and not-for-profit organisations.

This major introduces students to the core concepts of marketing theory, consumer behaviour, marketing communications, brand management, and marketing strategy.

Graduates are equipped with the skills for marketing careers in a range of diverse industries across an international platform.

This major satisfies the educational requirements for recognition as a Certified Practising Marketer and eligibility for membership of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

The Sport Management major is designed for people who seek careers in Australian and international Sport management.

Specialist units provide students with a capacity to understand and function within the increasingly dedicated context in which sport is played, organised and managed.

Students who complete this major will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage sport experiences pertaining to globalisation and emerging contemporary issues in sport.

Graduates find career employment at all levels of government as well as within the private sector for both commercial and non-commercial organisations. 

The Human Resource Management Major is designed for people who seek careers in human resource management and industrial relations.

Graduates’ careers focus on enhancing the value of human and social capital through supporting employee engagement for many different kinds of organisations, market-oriented and community-oriented organisations and many kinds of people.

The teaching philosophy is based on knowledge in action, a fusion of the Australia Human Resource Institute’s capabilities for HR professionals and the Western Sydney University Graduate Attributes designed to secure success.

An aim of the program is to instil those values and attitudes that can support leaders in judgements about balancing the pursuit of organisational objectives with creating opportunities for developing people’s capacities and careers. The perspectives are local and international, with an emphasis on the value of cultural and demographic diversity.

Graduates have knowledge of how leadership and management of people can support organisational objectives and create organisational opportunities. This capacity comes from grounding in human resource management and industrial relations practice using contemporary law and research in applied projects.

Students combine this with an education in the pressures organisations experience in inter-disciplinary subjects focused on money, markets and management. That is, graduates develop commercial acumen and appreciate the competing interests around work, aware of trends locally and internationally.

Throughout the program, students are challenged to develop and demonstrate communication, cultural, and analytic skills required to be innovative and responsible team-members and leaders.

The Human Resource Management major Is accredited with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)

Fees and delivery

Fees: Varies depending on units selected. View available units in our handbook.

For further information, please visit: Student Contribution Bands

Delivery: On campus

Fees: AUD $30,776*

Delivery: On campus

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