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Discipline Lead | Kate Huppatz

Western Sydney University’s Sociology discipline specialises in theoretical and empirical enquiry into marginalised communities and regions. Our researchers have expertise in the sociology of identity, governance, cultural practices and mobility. Fostering a research programme that examines gender, sexuality, labour, urbanisation, health, young people, disability, religion and migration, Western Sociology is dedicated to establishing the social and policy needs of Western Sydney and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

We are internationally respected in our discipline and this is reflected in prominent league tables. Western was named as the leading Australian university for Sociology in the 2019 League of Scholars analysis, is located in the top 100 institutions for Sociology globally by QS, and received a rating of above world standard for Sociology in the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia assessment exercise. Our research achievements inform our teaching practice and are reflected in the high calibre of our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Dr Jan Ali, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Nicole Asquith
  • Dr Charles Barbour, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Frederick Bennett, Research Professor
  • Professor Linda Briskman, Margaret Whitlam Chair of Social Work
  • Dr Jennifer Cheng, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Philippa Collin
  • Dr Benjamin Dibley, Engaged Research Fellow
  • Associate Professor Tania Ferfolja
  • Dr Frances Gale, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Emilee Gilbert, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sheree Gregory, Lecturer
  • Dr Shane Hersey, Lecturer
  • Professor Deborah Horsfall
  • Dr Michael Houlbrook, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Kate Huppatz
  • Professor Paul James
  • Dr Michael Kennedy, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sharon Kwok, Lecturer
  • Professor George Lafferty
  • Dr Garth Lean, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Alana Lentin
  • Associate Professor Liam Magee, Principle Research Fellow
  • Dr Amie Matthews, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor George Morgan
  • Dr Mohamed Moustakim, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Pathmaloshini Naidoo
  • Professor Gregory Noble
  • Dr Helena Onnudottir, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Felicity Picken, Lecturer
  • Professor Caroline Reid
  • Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson
  • Dr Ana Rodas, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Karen Soldatic
  • Professor Deborah Stevenson
  • Professor Robert Stones
  • Professor Qingliang Tang
  • Professor Megan Watkins
  • Dr Wai-Wah Wong, Research Fellow

Top 10 in Australia for Sociology

Ranked in top 100 worldwide

Ranked in the top 10 in Australia and top 100 worldwide for Sociology