Doctor Lucy Nicholas

Doctor Lucy Nicholas

Associate Professor in Gender and Sexuality Studies,
Anthropology & Sociology


My research specialises in gender and sexual diversities, social and political theory, queer theory, whiteness and feminisms. My first book, Queer Post-Gender Ethics, was published in 2014 by Palgrave McMillan and my second book, The Persistence of Global Masculinisms, co-authored with Chris Agius, was published in 2018. My PhD was awarded at University of Edinburgh where I worked before moving to University of Portsmouth and then to Australia. I have taught across sociology, social and political theory, gender and sexualities and academic skillsnd I was awarded an Australian Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2015.

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  • PhD University of Edinburgh
  • MPhil Griffith University

Professional Memberships

  • The Australian Sociological Association (2012)


  • Gender
  • Critical Race Studies
  • Feminism
  • Political Theory
  • Queer Theory
  • Sexuality
  • Social Theory
  • Whiteness

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Anthropology & Sociology


  • National Australian Awards for University Teaching
  • SAGE Athena Swan



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Chapters in Books

  • Thorneycroft, R. and Nicholas, L. (2021), 'Queer and crip temporalities during COVID-19 : sexual practices, risk and responsibility', The COVID-19 Crisis: Social Perspectives, Routledge 9780367628956.
  • Nicholas, L. (2021), 'Transcend', Bent Street 5.1: Soft Borders, Hard Edges, Clouds of Magellan Press 9780645193510.
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Journal Articles

  • Tran, D., Sullivan, C. and Nicholas, L. (2023), 'Lateral violence and microaggressions in the LGBTQ+ community : a scoping review', Journal of Homosexuality, vol 70, no 7 , pp 1310 - 1324.
  • Nicholas, L. and Clark, S. (2023), 'Gender, sex and freedom : testing the theoretical limits of the twenty-first-century 'gender wars' with Simone de Beauvoir, Shulamith Firestone and Luce Irigaray', Paragraph : the journal of the Modern Critical Theory Group, vol 46, no 3 , pp 354 - 371.
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  • Agius, C., Edney-Brown, A., Nicholas, L. and Cook, K. (2022), 'Anti-feminism, gender and the far-right gap in C/PVE measures', Critical Studies on Terrorism, vol 15, no 3 , pp 681 - 705.
  • Nicholas, L., Newman, C., Botfield, J., Terry, G., Bateson, D. and Aggleton, P. (2021), 'Men and masculinities in qualitative research on vasectomy : perpetuation or progress?', Health Sociology Review, vol 30, no 2 , pp 127 - 142.
  • Nicholas, L. and Budgeon, S. (2021), 'Introduction : 'remembering feminist theory forward'', Feminist Theory, vol 22, no 2 , pp 159 - 164.
  • Nicholas, L. (2021), 'Remembering Simone de Beauvoir's 'ethics of ambiguity' to challenge contemporary divides : feminism beyond both sex and gender', Feminist Theory, vol 22, no 2 , pp 226 - 247.
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  • Nicholas, L. and Clark, S. (2020), 'Leave those kids alone : on the uses and abuses and feminist queer potential of non-binary and genderqueer', Journal of the International Network of Sexual Ethics and Politics, vol 8, no Special Issue , pp 36 - 55.
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  • Nicholas, L. (2009), 'A radical queer utopian future : a reciprocal relation beyond sexual difference', Thirdspace: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture, vol 8, no 2 .

Conference Papers

  • Nicholas, L. (2014), 'The shape of selves to come : selfhood without sexual difference', World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan.

Other Publications

  • 2022, 'Gender Equity in the Workplace: Intersectional and Gender & Sexuality Diverse Approaches', Report
  • 2022, 'Vice-Chancellor's Gender Equality Fund Final Report 2021: Addressing Intersectionality in Gender 'Equity' at WSU: Experiences, Policies, and Everyday Practices', Report
  • 2021, 'An Exploration of WSU Staff's Understandings of Trans and Gender Diversity: Vice Chancellor's Gender Equality Fund 2020', Report
  • 2020, 'Game to Play? Exploring the Experiences and Attitudes Towards Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity Amongst Same Sex Attracted and Gender Diverse Young People', Report
  • 2020, 'Mapping Right-Wing Extremism in Victoria: Applying a Gender Lens to Develop Prevention and Deradicalisation Approaches', Report

Current Projects

Title: Interventions for young men and boys using IPV in early relationships: Analysing identification, referral and practices, and investigating motivating and protective factors for targeted intervention
  • The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Western Researchers: Lucy Nicholas and Benjamin Hanckel
Years: 2022-07-04 - 2024-12-15
ID: P00027976
Title: Positive Peace and Cultural Wellbeing and Agency Initiative: Exploring peaceful solutions to living well in diverse communities [COMPACT]
  • Multicultural NSW
Western Researchers: Kerry Robinson, Sarah De Nardi, Lucy Nicholas, Karin Louise, Nichole Georgeou, Selda Dagistanli, Kevin Dunn, Rachel Sharples, Cristina Rocha, Oznur Sahin and Erika Smith
Years: 2021-02-02 - 2024-06-30
ID: P00026883

Previous Projects

Title: CatholicCare 'Back On Track' Evaluation
  • Catholic Care
Western Researchers: Lucy Nicholas, Kate Huppatz and Benjamin Hanckel
Years: 2023-07-01 - 2024-03-29
ID: P00028796
Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Evaluation Tools for Men's Behaviour Change Programs
  • Department of Communities & Justice
Western Researchers: Lucy Nicholas, Ann Dadich, Caroline Compton, Gabrielle Drake, Benjamin Hanckel, Kate Huppatz and Kerry Robinson
Years: 2022-04-19 - 2022-06-03
ID: P00027959


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