Doctor Melissa Phillips

Doctor Melissa Phillips

Academic Program Advisor, Humanitarian and Development Studies,
Humanitarian & Development Studies

Lecturer in Humanitarian and Development Studies,
Humanitarian & Development Studies


Dr Melissa Phillips is Lecturer, Humanitarian and Development Studies in the School of Social Sciences. Her research interests include migration, mobility, displacement and refugee settlement including diasporas. Melissa has previously worked for the United Nations and for international non-government organisations in South Sudan, the Horn of Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia), Libya and the Middle East in protection of civilians and humanitarian coordination roles. She has also worked with asylum seekers in immigration detention in Australia, supported community-based asylum seekers in the UK, and managed a refugee resettlement project in Australia. Melissa is co-author of Becoming Australian: Migration, Settlement and Citizenship (with Brian Galligan and Martina Boese), MUP, Melbourne (2014) and has published widely in academic journals on refugee settlement, multiculturalism and transit migration. She is an Associate Editor for Journal of Intercultural Studies and is a Board member of the Australian Red Cross, a Regional Advisor for the International Detention Coalition and formerly an Advisory Board Member of ‘Urban Refugees’.

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  • PhD University of Melbourne

Professional Memberships

  • The Australian Sociological Association (2009)


  • Diaspora Communities and Trans-nationalism
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Migration Studies
  • Refugees and displaced persons

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Humanitarian & Development Studies
  • Humanitarian & Development Studies


Location: P.G.45
Penrith (Kingswood)

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101897 Development for Equality, 2020
  • 102576 Global Health, Migration and Development, 2020
  • 102577 Humanitarian and Development Agendas and Progress, 2020



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Chapters in Books

  • Phillips, M. (2020), 'Responding to migrant workers : the case of Australia', State Responses to COVID-19: A Global Snapshot at 1 June 2020, Western Sydney University .
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  • Phillips, M. (2013), 'Migration and Australian foreign policy towards Africa : the place of Australia's African transnational communities', New Engagement: Contemporary Australian Foreign Policy towards Africa, Melbourne University Press 9780522862614.

Journal Articles

  • De Nardi, S. and Phillips, M. (2022), 'The plight of racialised minorities during a pandemic : migrants and refugees in Italy and Australia', Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, vol 41, no 1 , pp 98 - 111.
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Conference Papers

  • Boese, M. and Phillips, M. (2012), 'At the coal-face : experiencing multiculturalism in Australia', International Symposium on Multiculturalism, Deakin University.

Other Publications

  • 2021, 'Moving On: Exploring Onward Migration of Refugees and Migrants from East Africa', Report
  • 2020, 'Urban Mixed Migration: Nairobi Case Study', Report
  • 2020, 'COVID-19 Impacts on Immigration Detention: Global Responses', Report
  • 2018, 'Women and Wash in Nepal: Key Issues and Challenges', Report
  • 2018, 'Diaspora Responses in Times of Disaster and Other Crises: Outcomes Report', Report
  • 2016, 'Diaspora Humanitarianism: Findings of the Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination Project', Report
  • 2016, 'Getting to Europe the 'WhatsApp' Way: The Use of ICT in Contemporary Mixed Migration Flows to Europe', Report
  • 2011, 'Living Hand to Mouth: Protection Funding and Coordination in South Sudan', Report

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