School of Business


Director of Academic Program | Graeme Mitchell
Discipline Lead | Professor Qingliang Tang

Western Sydney University offers globally recognised undergraduate and graduate accounting and financial planning programs with accreditation from seven professional bodies. Accounting at Western is at the forefront of technological change, leading the introduction of Artificial Intelligence software into the accounting curriculum. Further, accounting at Western provides ‘hands-on’ practical experience to students through engaging with industry partners on project-based units and internships.

Research in Accounting has a multidisciplinary focus and addresses accountability, regulation and governance, and sustainability across a range of organisational, professional and government contexts. This addresses contemporary issues in the changing business environment and the impact on stakeholders. Our researchers collaborate locally and internationally, and publish cutting-edge research in leading academic and professional journals. Research teams in the Accounting discipline have made significant contribution in research in the area of accounting for corporate social responsibility, sustainability and climate change as well as in financial planning.

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