Doctor Won Hee Kang

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Dr. Won Hee Kang is a Senior Lecturer at Western Sydney University in the area of Structural Reliability. He obtained a B.S. from Korea University (Architectural Engineering, 2003), and a M.S. and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2006 and 2011). His main areas of research include structural system reliability, reliability-based safety factor calibration, probabilistic infrastructure network analysis, probabilistic and machine-learning based prediction models, and systematic treatment of uncertainties. He has contributed to the Standards Australia committees BD-032 on Composite Structures and ME-043 on Bulk Handling Equipment.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Areas of Research

  • Structural reliability and system reliability analysis
  • Safety factor calibration in structural design standards
  • Deterministic and probabilistic prediction model development based on machine-learning and statistical methods
  • Infrastructure network analysis against natural hazards
  • Statistical uncertainty analysis

Areas of Teaching

  • Egress and Risk Assessment
  • Introduction to Structural Engineering
  • Steel Structures
  • Surveying for Engineers
  • Fire Engineering Science

Current Grants and Projects

Sydney International Container Terminals - Investigating correlation between mechanical properties of resin concrete obtained from testing cut and cast specimens - $27,600

DSI Underground Australia Pty Ltd - Ultimate Capacity of DSIu Cribs-4 - $29,050

Endeavour Energy - Estimating corrosion rate of steel elements in transmission towers - $49,570

Selected Publications

Ajorloo M, Ghodrat M, Kang W-HJJoP, Environment t. Incorporation of recycled polypropylene and fly ash in polypropylene-based composites for automotive applications. 2021;29:1298-309.

Choi I, Kim J, Kang W, Kim YJJoEE. Bayesian Framework for Updating Seismic Loss Functions with Limited Observational Data in Low-to-Moderate Seismicity Regions. 2021:1-24.

Farajian M, Saeed N, Kang W-H. Seismic vulnerability assessment of base isolated liquid storage tanks under near-fault ground motions.  Structures: Elsevier; 2022. p. 1901-12.

Kang W-H, Hicks SJ, Uy B, Aslani FJJoCSR. Design resistance of helical seam pipe columns with limited tensile test data. 2021;183:106724.

Kang W-H, Tao ZJES. Statistical data expansion using Kriging for probabilistic capacity factor calibration. 2021;241:112428.

Lin H, Singh SK, Xiang Z, Kang WH, Raval S, Oh J et al. An investigation of machine learning techniques to estimate minimum horizontal stress magnitude from borehole breakout. 2022.

Saeed N, Kang W-H, Samali B. Composite overwrap repair of pipelines-reliability based design framework.  Structures: Elsevier; 2022. p. 448-59.

Thai H-T, Thai S, Ngo T, Uy B, Kang W-H, Hicks SJJJoCSR. Reliability considerations of modern design codes for CFST columns. 2021;177:106482.

Tran H, Thai H-T, Uy B, Hicks SJ, Kang W-HJJoCSR. System reliability-based design of steel-concrete composite frames with CFST columns and composite beams. 2022;194:107298.

Zhang J, Zhou P, Guan C, Liu T, Kang W-H, Feng P et al. An ultra-lightweight CFRP beam-string structure. 2021;257:113149.