Doctor Kamyar Kildashti Komsari

Contact Details


Dr Kamyar Kildashti joined Western Sydney University in 2017. Prior to joining academia, Dr Kildashti worked with private sectors as a principal/senior structural engineer over 12 years. He is the author or co-author of over 50 scholarly publications in the areas of structural engineering, performance-based earthquake engineering, numerical methods in engineering, modular structures/off-site manufacturing, and damage detection/ structural health monitoring. He received his PhD degree in structural/earthquake engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran in 2010. He has been chief investigator of over 1.5 million dollars of industry-funded research project within the last five years. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of Engineers Australia and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

  • Performance-based earthquake and fire design
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of proprietary construction products under extreme load conditions using physical modelling and computational simulation
  • Structural assessment of low carbon construction products
  • Assessment, rehabilitation, and repair of existing faulty or non-compliant structures
  • Damage detection and health monitoring of buildings and bridges
  • Robustness assessment of high-rise towers under progressive collapse scenarios

Current Grants and Projects

Infratech Pty Ltd – Development of high-performance volumetric modular system with energy harvesting.

B G and E Consulting Engineers – Structural Monitoring of AMP building during its partial demolition and reconstruction.

MYD Consulting Engineers – Structural Performance Assessment of Ericsson Multi ERS XL Heavy Bracket using Finite Element Simulation.

Transport for NSW – Testing of group of welded shear studs on historic steel encased in high strength concrete.

CSR Building products – Application of off-site manufactured modular stay-in-place formwork system as per Australian regulations.

Kyogle Council – Structural assessment and rehabilitation of Cedar Point Bridge.

Selected Publications

K Kildashti, K Dong, B Samali; An accurate geometric contact force model for super-quadric particles; Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 360, 2020.

K Kildashti, MM Alamdari, CW Kim, W Gao, B Samali; Drive-by-bridge inspection for damage identification in a cable-stayed bridge: Numerical investigations; Engineering Structures, 223, 2020.

MM Alamdari, K Kildashti, B Samali, H Valipour; Damage diagnosis in bridge structures using rotation influence line: Validation on a cable-stayed bridge; Engineering Structures, 185, 1-14, 2019.

K Kildashti, B Samali, A Malik; Experimental and numerical studies on the comparison between stay-in-place- and conventionally formed reinforced concrete columns under concentric loading; Construction and Building Materials, 258, 2020.

K Kildashti, B Samali, M Mortazavi, H Ronagh, P Sharafi; Seismic collapse assessment of a hybrid cold-formed hot-rolled steel building; Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 155, 504-516, 2019.

K Kildashti, N Mirzadeh, B Samali; Seismic vulnerability assessment of a case study anchored liquid storage tank by considering fixed and flexible base restraints; Thin-walled Structures, 123, 382-394, 2018.

K Kildashti, S Nash, B Samali; In-plane lateral behaviour of PVC modular concrete form squat walls: Experimental and numerical study; Journal of Building Engineering, 52, 2022.

K Kildashti, K Dong, B Samali; Explicit force model for discrete modelling of elliptical particles; Computers and Geotechnics, 110, 122-131, 2019.

K Kildashti, M Farajian, P Sharafi, H Eslamnia, Y Bai; Classification of inter-modular connections for stiffness and strength in sway corner-supported steel modular frames; Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 197, 2022.

K Kildashti, R Mirghaderi; A case study on the assessment of response modification coefficient and earthquake-induced collapse potential of a high-rise setback tower; Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13(9), 2017.