Refund agreement

International Fee and Refund Agreement

If you require a refund of your fees it is important that you notify Western Sydney International in writing as soon as possible. You must also provide a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment, together with the mailing address to which you would like your refund to be sent.

The exact refund you will be entitled to depend on the reason why you need a refund, and how quickly you notify the university, in writing, that you require a refund.

Please read the Western Sydney International Student Fees & Refund Agreement prior to accepting your offer at the University. The Agreement is located within the Western Sydney University Policy Document Development System (Policy DDS), an online database containing all University-wide rules, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Western Sydney University pathway program provider Western Sydney UniversityThe College has as separate fees and refund agreement (opens in a new window).

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