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Behind every award winning program there is a team of talented and dynamic production professionals. The production team brings together the pieces of the program puzzle, endowing it with meaning, flow, and the power to move its audience. It is the production team that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Media Arts Production major of the Bachelor of Communication degree gives you excellent production skills and knowledge, complete with practical, hands-on experience. You will study video scriptwriting, sound for video production, digital video camera, and post-production skills such as non-linear editing and visual effects. You will develop a range of video works that may include short film, documentary, experimental, transmedia and TV.

With links to the screen industry, internships, in-house production and editing studios, and project-based work with employers in the industry, the course gives you a real advantage in screen and television production. You are encouraged to engage in workplace-related projects and produce a portfolio of final material.

What's more, you can choose to specialise in a variety of other subjects (units) from our Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) degree, or combine studies from Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism giving you a unique combination of skills suited to careers in advertising agencies, and film production, as well as major magazine publication houses.

The Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production) offers studies that focus on a range of screen media skills and production practice fields. These include media, communications and arts as well as practical studies in media arts production, digital journalism, with study options also including sound technology and web and motion design. Teaching includes both theory and practice with reference to real world contexts highlighting future career opportunities in a convergent digital media world. Students undertake a major in Media Arts Production that covers a variety of digital platform production practices including short film, documentary, experimental, transmedia and TV. The interdisciplinary submajor in cultural and social analysis offers contemporary debates and methodologies in cultural studies and social theory. Topics include popular culture, cinema studies, everyday urban life, cultural and social impacts of scientific theories and new technologies and multiculturalism.

Through self-directed, team-based and problem-based learning strategies requiring active participation in the community and professional contexts, graduates learn to reflect and value ethical and intellectual conduct as well as respect for diversity and social justice principles. Students are encouraged to find their areas of interest through project work, and will exit the course with a portfolio of production outcomes that reflect their skills and expertise for employment in the communication industries as a screen production professional.

Media Courses

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Creative Industries Parramatta 4F / 8P 78.70
Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Creative Industries Parramatta 4F / 8P N/A
Bachelor of Communication - Media Arts Production Penrith; Parramatta 3F / 6P 71.15
Bachelor of Graphic Design / Pathway to Teaching Secondary Parramatta 3F / 6P 70.00
Bachelor of Communication Penrith; Parramatta; Sydney City; Online 3F / 6P Refer to each key program
Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production) Parramatta 3F / 6P 76.00
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Creative Industries Parramatta 4F / 8P 74.50
Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative Industries Parramatta 4F/ 8P 77.00
Bachelor of Creative Industries Parramatta 3F / 6P 71.65

Careers in Media Studies

You may pursue roles in:

  •  News and current affairs
  • Television production
  • Media research
  • Corporate and technical communication
  • The information and entertainment industries
  • Government and community groups
  • Animation

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