Doctor Craig Barton

Dr Craig Barton is the Technical Manager - Field Based Research Facilities and leads a team of specialised technical staff and has responsibility for the smooth operation of the Institute's field-based climate change facilities located on the Hawkesbury campus of Western Sydney University.

These facilities include CO2 /climate controlled whole tree chambers (WTC) and associated eucalypt plantation (Hawkesbury Forest Experiment, HFE), a Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment in native woodland, Rain-out Shelters and an Eddy Covariance Flux site.

Craig took up this position in 2012 but has been working collaboratively with staff at the Hawkesbury campus since 2005. He formerly held a role as Senior research Scientist with NSW DPI (State Forests) and was instrumental in the establishment and running of the Whole Tree Chamber facility.

He obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University in 1997 where he studied the Effects of elevated CO2 on growth and physiology of Sitka spruce using a range of facilities including controlled glasshouses, open top chambers and branch bags.

He held a NERC Research Fellowship at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology in Edinburgh where he worked as a modeller investigating the ability of remote sensing to detect pollution stress in vegetation.

He moved to Australia to take up a position with State Forests NSW in 2000 where he carried out research into carbon sequestration and carbon accounting for forests, tree water use and dryland salinity, and climate change impacts on eucalypts.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Craig has worked and published across a range of fields including Tree ecophysiology, remote sensing, tree water use, ground penetrating radar, allometrics, elevated CO2

Technical Expertise

  • Extensive experience with a range of instrumentation used in ecophysiological studies including data loggers, portable gas exchange systems, spectral radiometers, LAI measurement.
  • Designed and built controlled growth facilities and gas exchange systems and written control software for complex systems such as branch bags, open top chambers and whole tree chambers.
  • Is continuously expanding his expertise to include CAD design, 3D printing, electronics and microcontrollers which he has used to designed and built: a leaf temperature control system to determine critical temperatures using fluorescence, a temperature controlled respirometer for measuring root respiration, a network of 48 phenocams for the PACE facility and WiFi enabled stem/leaf clamp for monitoring hydraulic cavitation.

Selected publications

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