Bonus Points

Give your application to Western Sydney University a boost.

See if you’re eligible for bonus points or special consideration when applying through UAC.

Up to ten bonus points in total may be available if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You live in the Western Sydney region
  • You achieve outstanding results in relevant HSC or IB subjects
  • You are an elite athlete or performer
  • You have experienced disadvantage in your studies
  • Your school gives you a recommendation based on your performance in Year 11

I live in Western Sydney

If you live in Western Sydney, we’ll automatically add five Regional bonus points to your application (excluding the Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Physiotherapy).

Check if your postcode qualifies at our Regional Bonus Points page.

I did well in my HSC or IB subjects

If you achieve great results in HSC or International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects that are relevant to the course you want to study at Western, we’ll automatically add up to 10 bonus points to your application.

For most courses you need a band 5 or 6 result, but for a small number of courses, band 4 is enough.

To find out what bonus points are available, check our Subject Bonus Points page. Some Western courses are not available for bonus points.

I am an elite athlete or performer

We recognise that performing at an elite level, as an athlete, musician or other performer, can take time away from your year 12 studies.

To ensure you are not disadvantaged by your performance and training commitments, you can apply and if successful receive five bonus points on your application to Western.

For more information, check our Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme page.

I have experienced disadvantage in my studies

Sometimes circumstances beyond your control affect your school results. That doesn’t mean you won’t perform well at university.

If you can demonstrate that you’ve experienced serious disadvantage, you can apply for our Educational Access Scheme (EAS) and we’ll take it into consideration when assessing your application to Western.

My school supports me

Worried you won’t have the ATAR to get you into your dream course?

If you’re a Year 12 student completing your HSC or IB, and you’re applying through UAC, the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) gives you a chance to receive an early offer based on your performance in Year 11 and your school’s recommendation.

What happens if you qualify for more than one Bonus Points scheme?

If you qualify for Subject Bonus Points, Regional Bonus Points,  the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme and the Educational Access Scheme, the maximum number of bonus points you can receive is 10.

Got questions?

Contact our Course Information Centre on, 1300 897 669, or Live Chat.