Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme

Western Sydney University is recognised as an Elite Athlete or Performer-Friendly university.

If you’re an athlete or performer and your commitments got in the way of your year 12 studies, the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme is a way to receive five adjustment factors. You can add these points to your ATAR (or equivalent) and increase your selection ranking.

How to apply

Applying is easy. Just complete the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme Application Form [PDF, 187Kb] and submit it directly to us at the address indicated on the form.

Some of the things you need to provide are:

  • a personal statement detailing your performance and training commitments (include an explanation on how this has impacted on your studies).
  • an educational impact statement completed by a responsible person – like your coach or trainer, the director of a theatre group or institute of sport, or the Chair of a committee responsible for organising a competitive event.
  • certified copies of supporting documentation, like training/practice schedules, programs of competitions in which you have participated, or written notification of your nomination to participate at a state/national/international level.

Please note: Elite Athletes or Performer Adjustment Factors are not available for all courses.

Apply for the the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme today

When do applications close?

Applications for Start Year Intake need to be mailed to the Admissions Unit and received by 30 November. Applications are not available for the mid-year intake.

What happens if you qualify for another Adjustment Factors scheme?

If you qualify for Subject Adjustment Factors, Regional Adjustment Factors, the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme and the Educational Access Scheme, the maximum number of adjustment factors you can receive is 10.

Got questions?

Contact us on 1300 897 669, study@westernsydney.edu.au or Live Chat.