Educational Access Scheme

If you’ve experienced long-term educational disadvantage, you might qualify for the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).

You just need to show that your performance during years 11 or 12 (or equivalent) was seriously affected by circumstances beyond your control. If you qualify, you receive five adjustment factors. You can add these points to your ATAR (or equivalent) and increase your selection ranking.

For further information about EAS, or to obtain a booklet and application form, contact UAC.

When to apply

Application closing dates to be announced. Please check back as more details are confirmed.

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What happens if you qualify for more than one Adjustment Factors scheme?

If you qualify for Subject Adjustment Factors, Regional Adjustment Factors,  the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme and the Educational Access Scheme, the maximum number of adjustment factors you can receive is 10.

Got questions?

For more information, contact 1300 897 669, or live chat with us. You can also contact UAC.