Subject Bonus Points

If you are sitting your HSC or IB but still need a higher score to get into your dream course, Subject Bonus Points can help. It’s basically a point system that gives you a better selection ranking. For example, if you get an ATAR of 87 plus ten Subject Bonus Points, you can add the two together and apply for a course with a selection rank of 97.

Some Western courses are not available for bonus points. Subject bonus points are available to both international and domestic students.

How Subject Bonus Points work

You’ve just finished (or are sitting) your HSC. You’re ready to take on the world. And you want to apply to Western. You’ve come to the right place.

  • You get a maximum of 10 Subject Bonus Points if you achieve band 5 or 6 results in any HSC or IB subjects that are relevant to the degree you want to study.
  • For a small range of courses, Subject Bonus Points may be awarded for band 4 results.
  • There’s no need to apply. They’re awarded automatically.

Which courses award Subject Bonus Points?

Not all courses award Subject Adjustment points.

See below what Subject Bonus Points are available for which subjects.

What happens if you qualify for more than one Bonus Points scheme?

If you qualify for Subject Bonus Points, Regional Bonus Points,  the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme and the Educational Access Scheme, the maximum number of bonus points you can receive is 10.

Bonus Points by HSC/IB Subject

Creative arts


English Advanced

English Extension 1

English Extension 2

English Standard

Human society and its environment

Ancient History

Aboriginal Studies


History Extension

Legal Studies

Modern History

Society and Culture

Studies of Religion II


Italian Extension

Spanish Extension

Chinese Extension

Japanese Extension

Arabic Extension

French Extension

German Extension

Indonesian Extension



Mathematics Extension 1

Mathematics Extension 2


Community and Family Studies



Earth and Environmental Science


Industrial Technology


Hospitality Examination (240 hours)

Tourism Examination (240 hours)

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