Regional Adjustment Factors

Do you live or study in the Western Sydney region? You automatically qualify for five Adjustment Factors (points added to your ATAR) when you apply to study at Western directly or through the Universities Admissions Centre.

What are Regional Adjustment Factors?

Regional Adjustment Factors (formerly bonus points) help HSC/IB students and Non Current School Leavers (formerly known as a Mature Age students) achieve a better selection ranking. For example, if you get an ATAR of 87 plus five adjustment factors, you can add the two together and apply for a course with a selection rank of 92.

Subject adjustment factors are available to both international and domestic students.

Which courses award Regional Adjustment Factors?

Regional Adjustment Factors apply to all courses, except the Doctor of Medicine (MD), Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music (Dean’s Scholar), Bachelor of Creative Industries (Music), Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative Industries, and Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Does my postcode qualify me?

Enter your postcode to see if you qualify you for five adjustment factors. 

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What happens if you qualify for another Adjustment Factors Scheme?

If you qualify for Subject Adjustment Factors, Regional Adjustment Factors, the Elite Athletes or Performers Scheme and the Educational Access Scheme, the maximum number of adjustment factors you can receive is 10.

Got questions?

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