Bachelor of Medical Science (Advanced)

Advanced Medical Science at Western

Our Advanced Medical Science degree allows all the flexibility of the Medical Science degree and is designed for high-achieving students who want to extend themselves.

This is a challenging program that includes advanced work, extension activities and additional research training. You will be linked to experienced researchers and be mentored throughout the Advanced Medical Science program.

This degree is exclusively for high-achieving students, and will continually challenge you to do even better and build on your academic success. Students in the Advanced degree program are automatically enrolled in The Academy, which offers interdisciplinary leadership programs, professional development and local and international internship and engagement opportunities for students.

Professional accreditation

The Medicinal Chemistry major for this degree is accredited by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) for normal entry of a graduate to the Chartered Chemist qualification.

Course structure

The course structure is outlined in our handbook. Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

Available at Campbelltown, Hawkesbury and Parramatta campuses.

The Biomedical Science major integrates medical microbiology, biochemistry, human metabolism, physiology, pathology and molecular biology as they affect the human body and its condition.

Students may choose several pathways to achieve extra emphasis in specialised areas, such as immunology or human molecular biology. Students undertaking Concepts in Human Anatomy will be required to attend a minimum of two workshops at Campbelltown Campus.

Available at Campbelltown, Hawkesbury and Parramatta campuses.

This major begins by building a foundation in chemistry, physiology, cell biology and anatomy, then develops into areas such as pharmacological chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry and advanced medicinal chemistry.

It takes an integrated approach to the chemistry of drugs, disease and the human body. However, students on Hawkesbury campus will be required to attend laboratory sessions for a number of units at either Campbelltown or Parramatta campuses.

Available at Campbelltown, Parramatta and Hawkesbury campuses.

This major develops the fundamentals of chemistry and biology, then focuses on an advanced study of anatomy and physiology, extending into specialised areas such as neuroanatomy and anatomy of the head and neck. Flexibility allows a choice of increased emphasis on physiology or anatomy.

However, students on Parramatta and Hawkesbury campuses will be required to attend laboratory sessions for a number of units at Campbelltown.

Students must maintain a grade point average of 5 or above to remain in the course. Those who do not maintain this average will be transferred to the Bachelor of Medical Science.

Fees and delivery

Fees: Varies depending on units selected. View available units in our handbook.

For further information, please visit: Student Contribution Bands

Delivery: On campus

Fees: AUD $30,480*

Delivery: On campus

HSC True Reward

At Western, we recognise that you are much more than your ATAR. Our unique Early Offer Program - HSC True Reward, focuses on your HSC subject results that reflect your strongest skills and relevant to the degree you want to do. 



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"A fantastic experience meeting people with a similar passion for science and exploring new ideas. A great focus on practical experience and developing research skills."

— Sophie Cornett, Bachelor of Medical Science (Advanced)

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*The tuition fees quoted above are the fees for the normal full-time study load of the course (80 credit points) per annum. International students will be subject to a variable fee regime; i.e. enrolled students will be required to pay fees during their course based on the approved fee for each calendar year. Fee changes (if any) will occur at 1 January each calendar year. Students who extend their course past the normal finish date of the course will be required to pay additional fees based on the prevailing fee level. Western Sydney University is a multi-campus institution. The University reserves the right to alter the location of its courses between campuses and other locations as necessary. Students should be aware of the possibility of change of location for the whole or part of courses for which they enrol and should plan for the need to travel between Western Sydney campuses.