School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Cultural Studies

Discipline Lead | Ien Ang

Western Sydney University is a globally recognised node of excellence for Cultural Studies, ranked well above world standard in the Excellence in Research for Australia 2018 and recognised as high impact in in the Engagement and Impact assessment (2018 for FOR20).

Cultural Studies is an (inter)discipline bringing together insights and approaches from across the Humanities and the Social Sciences, including Sociology, Geography, Communications, Linguistics and History, to understand the multidimensional complexities of contemporary culture and society. Cultural Studies scholars at Western have been at the forefront of research into media and popular culture, race, ethnicity and cultural diversity, the cultural dimensions of globalisation, national and urban cultural policy, the social and cultural impact of digital technologies, and environmental change. They have been pioneers in the practice of engaged cultural research, working with a range of community and institutional partners to address complex social and cultural challenges through local and global engagement.

Cultural Studies is central to Western’s Institute for Culture and Society and is offered as an undergraduate major in Cultural and Social Analysis in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts. The versatility of Cultural Studies makes it relevant for work involving commentary and analysis of contemporary social issues and cultural practices (e.g. journalism, teaching, activism), the creative industries, and service delivery in culturally diverse communities.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Dr Paul Alberts-Dezeeuw
  • Distinguished Professor Ien Ang
  • Dr Maria Angel, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Frederick Bennett
  • Associate Professor Paolo Bubbio
  • Dr Kylie Budge
  • Associate Professor Denis Byrne
  • Dr Fiona Cameron
  • Associate Professor Philippa Collin
  • Dr Andrew Cottle, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Benjamin Dibley
  • Dr Tinashe Dune, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Christopher Fleming
  • Professor Anna Gibbs
  • Roman Goik, Lecturer
  • Professor Andrew Gorman-Murray
  • Dr Shane Hersey
  • Professor Paul James
  • Associate Professor Satomi Kawaguchi
  • Associate Professor Alana Lentin
  • Associate Professor Abigail Mellick Lopes
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Mensch
  • Associate Professor George Morgan
  • Professor Gregory Noble
  • Dr Tanya Notley, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Anna Pertierra
  • Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson
  • Dr Gerda Roelvink, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Anne Rutherford
  • Dr Hayley Saul, Senior Lecturer
  • Madison Shakespeare, Lecturer
  • Professor Deborah Stevenson
  • Dr Teresa Swist
  • Associate Professor Mustapha Taibi
  • Professor Amanda Third
  • Professor Megan Watkins
  • Dr Wai-Wah Wong