Dr Fiona Cameron

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Fiona Cameron with trees in the background.Dr Fiona Cameron is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society. Fiona's research and writing focuses on the idea of the museum and interrelationships between institutions and contemporary societies in an increasingly complex and globalising world. Fiona works across two broad fields. The first examines the agency of the museum sector in public culture in the representation of 'hot' topics of societal significance and climate change. The second area of research interest investigates digital technologies and heritage collections.

Fiona has played a leading role in the development of digital cultural heritage studies, prompting reform in theory and practice to embrace digital data. She has also been instrumental in shifting museum thinking from modern concepts to materialist and ecological precepts, and in pioneering research on museum roles and agencies in controversial topics and climate change governance to enable institutions to more fully engage with urgent social and environmental concerns.

Cameron’s work is characterised by an engaged approach to research, teaching and governance at WSU, nationally and internationally. Informed by my extensive curatorial background, supported through 7 Australian Research Council grants (5, lead CI, 2, CI 2), 10 international grants with 5 European universities, 59 European, North, South American and Australasian museums, and museum peak bodies. Her work is widely utilized in museum practice, and for HDR training. Fiona is frequently called on as a keynote and plenary speaker at international conferences.

She was also a museum practitioner and has worked in the sector as a museum director, a social history curator and as a curatorial consultant on major exhibition projects in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Vanuatu.

Fiona is a climate activist. In March 2011 Fiona led an Australian federal parliamentary briefing A Climate for Change on the findings of the ARC Linkage grant, 'Hot Science, Global Citizens: the Agency of the Museum Sector in Climate Change Interventions' to parliamentarians, government department employees, academics and the museum sector.

Dr Cameron is the Chair of the Knowledge, Culture, Climate Action symposium, an official event at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at COP 25 in Santiago, Chile in December, and will also be co-hosting related museum and climate change events. Dr Cameron has 79 publications on these topics with leading publishers such as MIT Press, Duke University Press and Routledge and in leading journals.


  • Ph.D. 2002, Social Anthropology and Museum Studies, Massey University, New Zealand.
  • BA Honours, 1985, Archaeology and Classics, University of Otago.

Research Focus

  • Critical museum studies
  • Digital cultural heritage
  • Environmental posthumanities
  • Climate change

Selected Awards and Recognition

  • 2019: Research Fellow, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janerio, Brazil (May 2019 –).
  • 2019: Research Fellow, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (January 2019 – ongoing). Project: Ecologizing Experimentations in the Museum.
  • 2018: Professor, Cultural Heritage, Linköping (university appointment) Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University, Sweden (January–July 2018).
  • 2018: visiting Research Fellow, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Stockholm (June 2018).
  • 2018–2020: Appointment to the International Council of Museums international working party on Sustainability and Climate Change (April 2018 – December 2020).
  • 2018: Australian Research Council Engagement and Impact (H+E) exercise. Australian Research Council Linkage: Hot Science, Global Citizens: The Agency of Museums in Climate Change Interventions. Project received a High in Impact and a High in Approaches to Impact.
  • 2013: Visiting Professorial Fellowship, Research Centre for Innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (iGLAM), City University, Hong Kong (September–October 2013 (travel, accommodation and expenses paid by the university).
  • 2012–2013–2014: Visiting Fellow, Deutsches Museum Research Institute, Munich, Germany (July–August 2012; June–August 2013; September 2014; July 2017).
  • 2011–2012: Carson Fellowship, Professor Dr. position, August 2011 – March 2012, Rachel Carson Center, Environmental Humanities Research Institute. A joint initiative of the LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and the Deutsches Museum. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-uJi52zzI8.
  • 2012: Best Paper Award for museum management for the article, Cameron, F.R. (2012). Climate change, agencies and the museum and science centre sector. Museum Management and Curatorship, October 2012, 27 (4), 317–339 by a jury of academics and museum practitioners.
  • 2006–2009, 2009–2012: Top forty researchers by publications triennium awarded by WSU.
  • 2001–2004: Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (APDI), 3-year position at the University of Sydney (research grant and salary).
  • 2002: Getty Scholarship for research on digital media and museums (research award).
  • 1990: British Council Fellowship to undertake research at the British Museum, Museum of Mankind and the Natural History Museum, London (research award and stipend).
  • 1990: Goethe Institute Fellowship to undertake research at the Deutsches Museum, Munich.
  • 1988–1990: Post-graduate scholarship, James Cook University, Material Culture Unit, James Cook University (research grant and salary).

Selected Publications

Cameron, F. 2018, 'Posthuman museum practices', in R Braidotti & M Hlavajova (eds), Posthuman Glossary, Bloomsbury Academic, London and New York.

Bennett, T, Cameron, F, Diaz, N, Dibley, B, Harrison, R, Jacknis, I & McCarthy, C, 2017, Collecting, ordering, governing: anthropology and liberal government, Duke University Press, Durham NC.

Cameron, F & Neilson, B (eds) 2015, Climate change and museum futures, Routledge, New York.

Cameron, F 2015, 'We are on nature's side? Experimental work in re-writing narratives of climate change for museum exhibitions', in F Cameron & B Neilson (eds), Climate change and museum futures, Routledge, New York.

Cameron, F 2015, 'Ecologizing experimentations: a method and manifesto for museums and science centres', in F Cameron & B Neilson (eds), Climate change, museum futures, Routledge, New York.

Cameron, F 2014. 'From "dead things" to immutable, combinable mobiles: H.D. Skinner, the Otago Museum and University and the governance of Maori populations', History and Anthropology, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 208-226.

Cameron, F, Hodge, B & Salazar, JF 2013, 'Representing climate change in museum spaces and places'Wires, Climate Change, Interdisciplinary Reviews, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 9-21.

Cameron, F 2012, 'Climate change, agencies and the museum and science centre sector'Museum Management and Curatorship, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 317-39.

Cameron, F & Kenderdine, S (eds) 2007, Theorizing digital cultural heritage: a critical discourse, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cameron, F 2007, 'Beyond the cult of the replicant – museums and historical digital objects: traditional concerns, new discourses', in F Cameron & S Kenderdine (eds), Theorizing digital cultural heritage: a critical discourse, MIT Press, Cambridge, pp. 49-76.

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