New Books in Abolitionist, Anticolonial, Internationalist, Antiracism

Hosted by Alana Lentin & Quah Ee Ling

Western Sydney University Culture & Society discipline

Intellectual activity on questions of coloniality, decolonisation, and anticolonialism, Indigenous self-determination, the Black Radical Tradition, the carceral state and abolitionism, political education and activism, Black feminism and identity politics is fertile and fervent. These are exciting times much as they are threatening ones: amid climate catastrophe, wars, and pandemic(s), the global right-wing is fighting back and gaining ground. Radical and subversive scholarship faces attack, not only from these forces but also from institutions determined to tame it under ‘diversity, equity, inclusion', and now ‘Indigenisation’ initiatives. Beyond this two-sided coin, scholars and organisers are producing works that provoke us, not just to think but to act. The 2023 Western Sydney University Culture & Society Seminar series, Radical Antiracism Today: New books in abolitionist, anticolonial, internationalist antiracism, brings some of these writers of recently published books into dialogue with local thinkers, writers and activists to think collectively about their import for our own realities.


The next seminar will be held on 19th October

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