Discipline Lead | Brian Stout

The core agenda of Criminology at Western Sydney University is to trace the divergences between social and criminal justice through the critical scrutiny of criminal justice systems and their practices. Our research on violence includes: gender violence, homicide, institutional, state and symbolic violence; drug policies and harm reduction; and law enforcement and legal practices. This engages with how extant structural inequities in criminal justice result in intersectional marginalisation across gender, race/Indigeneity, class, sexuality, and disability.

Through these specialisations, Western’s Criminology and Policing researchers are dedicated to nurturing industry engagements and achieving external impact that fosters the local and international social and policy needs of both the greater Western Sydney and Asia-Pacific regions. Criminology research at Western reflects the world standard as indicated in the Excellence in Research for Australia rankings. Our research-led teaching reinforces these strengths and engagement activities through partnership pedagogies and a commitment to the decolonisation of our curriculum.

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