Doctor Ryan Thorneycroft

Doctor Ryan Thorneycroft

Lecturer in Criminology,
Criminology & Policing


Ryan is a Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences and a member of the Sexualities and Genders Research (SaGR) strand. He completed his PhD in 2018, and recently published his first book, Reimagining Disablist and Ableist Violence as Abjection, with Routledge's Interdisciplinary Disability Studies series. He has published in a range of leading journals, including Theoretical Criminology, Disability & Society, Porn Studies, and the International Journal for Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy. Ryan's previous work has focused on hate crime and vulnerability, and his current research areas, sitting at the intersections of criminology and sociology, include disability studies, violence, abjection, and porn studies. He is broadly interested in the ways in which marginalised populations are constituted and regulated, and deploys crip and queer theory through much of his work. He is interested in supervising Masters and PhD students in any of his research areas, particularly if they involve life history narratives and post-structuralist perspectives. He also co-ordinates the large first year subject, Introduction to Criminal Justice.

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  • PhD Western Sydney University

Professional Memberships

  • TASA (2018)

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  • Criminology & Policing


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Location: 3.6.10

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 102709 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Previous Teaching Areas

  • 102181 Nation, Power and Difference, 2019
  • 102709 Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2020
  • 102709 Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2021



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Chapters in Books

  • Thorneycroft, R. (2022), 'Prenatal testing, Down syndrome, and selective termination : a (critical) criminology of genocide?', Diversity in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies, Emerald Publishing 9781801170024.
  • Thorneycroft, R. and Nicholas, L. (2021), 'Queer and crip temporalities during COVID-19 : sexual practices, risk and responsibility', The COVID-19 Crisis: Social Perspectives, Routledge 9780367628956.
  • Thorneycroft, R. (2017), 'Problematising and reconceptualising 'vulnerability' in the context of disablist violence', Policing Encounters with Vulnerability, Palgrave 9783319512273.

Journal Articles

  • Thorneycroft, R. (2022), 'The man they called a monster : forty years on', Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol 51, no 2 , pp 1363 - 1374.
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  • Thorneycroft, R. and Asquith, N. (2015), 'The dark figure of disablist violence', Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, vol 54, no 5 , pp 489 - 507.


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Thesis Title: Police and Lebanese Australian: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Understand their Relationship and Identify Change
Field of Research: Police Studies

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