Doctor Erin Kruger

Doctor Erin Kruger

Academic Program Advisor, Criminology and Policing, Kingswood,
Criminology & Policing

Criminology & Policing


Erin Kruger joined Western Sydney University as a Lecturer in Criminology and Policing in 2009 from the University of Alberta, where she completed a Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded PhD on the topics of genetics, forensic science and criminal law. Prior to this, she received a MA in Sociology on the topic of organized crime also from the University of Alberta (2004). At the undergraduate level, she received a BSc in Chemistry, with a second major in Psychology, from the University of Regina (2000). Erin has had employment experience in policing (forensics) and restorative justice (victim-offender mediation). She teaches and researches in the areas of international crime, high risk offenders, mental health, social theory, and forensic science. Her forthcoming books include two sole-authored monographs: 'The Forensic Image: Scientific Visualization and DNA' (Routledge, UK, Law, Science and Society series) (2022), and 'Brains, Genes and Crime' (Routledge, UK) (2022). 

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  • PhD University of Alberta (Canada)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Criminology & Policing
  • Criminology & Policing


(02) 47360 874
Location: P.G.13
Penrith (Kingswood)

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101562 Culture and Crime, 2015
  • 101567 Evidence, Investigations and Police Intelligence, 2011
  • 102037 Perspectives in Criminology, 2017
  • 102039 Crime, Deviance and Society, 2013
  • 102068 Assessment and Treatment of Offenders, 2019
  • 102709 Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2019



  • Birch, P., Kennedy, M. and Kruger, E. (2021), 'Australian Policing: Critical Issues in 21st Century Police Practice', : Routledge 9780367464660.

Chapters in Books

  • Birch, P., Kennedy, M. and Kruger, E. (2021), 'Examining Australian policing in the 21st century', Australian Policing: Critical Issues in 21st Century Police Practice, Routledge 9780367464660.
  • Kruger, E. (2021), 'Mental health and the policing context', Australian Policing: Critical Issues in 21st Century Police Practice, Routledge 9780367464660.
  • Kruger, E. (2013), 'Assemblage', Demystifying Deleuze : an Introductory Assemblage of Crucial Concepts, Red Quill Books 9781926958200.
  • Kruger, E. (2013), 'Rhizome/Arborescent', Demystifying Deleuze : an Introductory Assemblage of Crucial Concepts, Red Quill Books 9781926958200.
  • Kruger, E. (2007), 'Relocating conflict: Information as the new security', Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspectives, Oxford University Press 9780195422924.

Journal Articles

  • Workman, A., Kruger, E. and Dune, T. (2021), 'Policing victims of partner violence during COVID-19 : a qualitative content study on Australian grey literature', Policing and Society, vol 31, no 5 , pp 544 - 564.
  • Kruger, E. (2020), 'Covert positivism in forensic domains', International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, vol 9, no 2 , pp 119 - 132.
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  • Kruger, E. (2012), 'Visualizing uncertainty : anomalous images in science and law', Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, vol 37, no 1 , pp 19 - 35.
  • Kruger, E. (2012), 'Pat O'Malley, The Currency of Justice: Fines and Damages in Consumer Societies', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, vol 45, no 2 , pp 284 - 286.
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  • Kruger, E. (2005), 'State of Exception', Space and Culture, vol 8, no 3 , pp 338 - 342.
  • Kruger, E., Mulder, M. and Korenic, B. (2004), 'Canada after 11 September: Security measures and 'preferred' immigrants', Mediterranean Quarterly: a journal of global issues, vol 15, no 4 , pp 72 - 87.


  • Women's Fellowship, Western Sydney University, 2016-17
  • Seed Grant, Early Career Researcher Award, Western Sydney University, 2009-11


  • Social Science Humanities Research Council Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship Award, Government of Canada, 2007-08
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral), University of Alberta, 2007-09
  • Diane Elizabeth Cossins Memorial Scholarship in Criminology, University of Alberta, 2006-08
  • Walter H Johns Graduate Fellowship, University of Alberta, 2007 
  • Sociology Doctoral Research Grant, University of Alberta, 2006-07 
  • Graduate Student International Travel Scholarship, University of Alberta, 2006 
  • J Gordin Kaplan Graduate Student Award, University of Alberta, 2006
  • Provost Doctoral Entrance Award, University of Alberta, 2004-06

This information has been contributed by Doctor Kruger.


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: An Examination into Occupational Justice Within Policing Practice
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Domestic Violence: A Global Perspective
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: The Risk Assessment Inventory: Assessing the Future Misconduct of Operational Police Officers
Field of Research: Criminology; Police Studies

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