Postgraduate Student Network

Belal Alsinglawi‎ PhD topic: 'Enabling Smart Home Health with Positioning and Movement'
Nicole Bridges‎ PhD topic: 'How Social Media Enhances Breastfeeding Outcomes'
Giulia Dal Maso‎ PhD topic: 'Young Chinese Knowledge Workers Employed by Transnational Companies'
Matt Dalziel‎ PhD topic: 'Using Digital Technologies to Encourage Vulnerable Young People Living in Western Sydney to Make the Transition to Tertiary Study'
Luigi Di Martino‎ PhD topic: 'Public Diplomacy and Social Media: Examining the Practices of Australia and Italy'
Matthew Hart‎ PhD topic: 'Forever Reblogging This: The Benefits of Using Tumblr for Vulneurable Young People Seeking Intimacy and Community Online'
Cecilia Hilder‎ PhD topic: 'Young People's Digital Subactivism Practices with Australian Youth-Led Activist Organisations'
Martin Ho Kwan Ip‎ PhD topic: 'Universal and Language-specific in Speech Perception: The Case of Prosody'
Ha Hoang‎ PhD topic: 'Identities of Vietnamese Youth under the Impact of Media Fandom'
Ümit Kennedy‎ PhD topic: '"Don't forget to comment, like and subscribe!": Constructing identity in dialogue with viewers on YouTube; a case study of Australian mummy vlogging'
Peter Long‎ PhD topic: 'A State of Suspension: Liminality in Popular Music and Cinema'
Aimee McNair‎ PhD topic: 'Transforming Tourism Representations: The Use of Digital Technology within Cultural Tourism'
Nhung Nguyen‎ PhD topic: 'Perceptual Adaptation to Vietnamese-Accented English'
Andrea Pollio‎ PhD topic: 'Urban Cultures of the Hacker-City'
Grish Purswani‎ PhD topic: 'Developing Trust and Authority in the Social Media Relationship'
Katrina Sandbach‎ PhD topic: 'Envisioning Design: The Role of Visual Communications in Place-making'
Timothy Strom PhD topic: 'Mapping Google Maps: Critiquing an Ideological Vision of the World'
Jesse Tran‎ PhD topic: 'Intelligent Visualisation for Social Network'
Astrid Zuman‎ PhD topic: 'An Analysis of the Australian Mainstream Media's Coverage of the Australian Government's Intergenerational Reports (2002, 2007, 2010, 2015) and the Impact of This Coverage on Ageing Policy Development'