Timetable and Rooms

Note: all rooms are in the John Woolley Building at the University of Sydney Camperdown Campus (map).

Descriptions of the classes and important info for participants can be found here.

Monday 4 December

 N401Woolley Common RoomN208
9:30-10:00Welcome to Country; Welcomes from the organisers in Lecture Theatre N395
10:00-11:00Intro to DHProject Management 
11:00-11:30morning tea
11:30-12:30Intro to DH (cont)Project Management (cont) 
1:30-3Digital Media MethodologiesProject Management (cont)Intro to Code
3-:3:30afternoon tea
3:30-5Digital Media Methodologies (cont)Project Management (cont)Intro to Code (cont)
5-6:30Public lecture on digital poetics by Prof. Dirk van Hulle, University of Antwerp. In New Law LT106

Tuesday 5 December

 N401N497Seminar Room S226N208
9:00-10:30Linked DataKnowledge in a social contextDistant ReadingMapping Humanities
10:30-11:00morning tea
11:00-12:30Linked Data (cont)Knowledge in a social context (cont)Distant Reading (cont)Mapping Humanities (cont)
1:30-3Linked Data (cont)Knowledge in a social context (cont)Distant Reading (cont)Intro to Code (repeat)
3-:3:30afternoon tea
3:30-5Linked Data (cont)Knowledge in a social context (cont)Distant Reading (cont)Intro to Code (cont)
6:00Dinner at Thai Pothong, Newtown (self-funded)

Wednesday 6 December

 N401N497Woolley Common RoomSeminar Room S226N208
9:00-10:30Linked Data (cont) Collectors & CollectingDigital EthnographyIntermediate Programming
10:30-11:00morning tea
11:00-12:30Linked Data (cont) Collectors & Collecting (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)Intermediate Programming (cont)
1:30-3Linked Data (cont)AlveoCollectors & Collecting (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont) 
3-:3:30afternoon tea
3:30-5Linked Data (cont)Alveo (cont)Collectors & Collecting (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)

Thursday 7 December

 N401Seminar Room S226N208
9:00-10:30Linked Data (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)Data Analysis Fluency
10:30-11:00morning tea
11:00-12:30Linked Data (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)Data Analysis Fluency (cont)
1:30-3Linked Data (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)Data Analysis Fluency (cont)
3-:3:30afternoon tea
3:30-5Linked Data (cont)Digital Ethnography (cont)Data Analysis Fluency (cont)

Friday 8 December

 N497Woolley Common RoomN208
9:00-10:30(PLEASE NOTE: mobile apps is now only a half day (afternoon) classCollectors & Collecting (cont from Weds)Social network analysis
10:30-11:00morning tea
11:00-12:30 Collectors & Collecting (cont)Social network analysis (cont)
1:30-3Using location-aware mobile apps as research tools Collectors & Collecting (cont)Social network analysis (cont)
3-:3:30afternoon tea
3:30-5Using location-aware mobile apps as research tools (cont)Collectors & Collecting (cont)Social network analysis (cont)
5-6Project showcase (Woolley Common Room, Level 4)