DH Downunder 2017

4-8 December 2017

In 2017 DH Downunder took place from 4-8 December, on the campus of Sydney University. It was co-hosted by the University of Sydney and Western Sydney University, with classes also offered by colleagues from the University of Newcastle, the Australian National University, and the University of Victoria in Canada.

For convenience, the programme is offered as a selection between week-long ‘streams’ of related classes that are likely to appeal to people with certain interests. It is also possible to take a ‘mix-and-match’ approach if you would like to put together your own programme from the classes offered. While it is encouraged to attend for the whole week, we understand that people have other pressures on their time, and it is possible to register for only a single class. There is a reduced registration cost for this.

2017 Programme


It is recommended to choose one of these. But if you prefer you may mix and match from the individual classes in the full programme further down.

All room numbers mentioned below are in the John Woolley Building of the Sydney University Camperdown campus (map).

  1. Linked data and the semantic web (capped at 10 participants!):
  2. Programming and scripting
  3. Digital Cultural and Social Research
  4. Data analysis and visualisation

Full programme for those who prefer to mix and match. The classes listed on the same morning or afternoon run parallel to each other, so you can only take one class on each morning or afternoon.

Details about each class and a bio for the presenters are available here.

On the Monday morning, please arrive at from 9:00am for a 9:30 welcome in Lecture Theatre N395 in the John Woolley Building (which is the building where all the classes are held). The classes themselves will commence after the brief welcome.

Please note: due to a scheduling error, the Mobile Apps class is now only a half day, on Friday afternoon. Apologies for the inconvenience.


(Colours denote blocks of the same class, i.e. if you attend Linked data on Tuesday morning, you should also attend it on Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons. You cannot attend Collectors and Collections II without having attended Collectors and Collections I, etc. If sessions are not colour-coded to match, it may be possible to attend the second session without having attended the first. E.g. “Intermediate Programming” does not require “Intro to code”, as long as you have sufficient programming background to understand the more advanced material.)

There are a number of related events happening the week of DH Downunder and the preceding week as well:


No longer available

Registration for the week costs $100 if you register by November 17 (earlybird). It is $150 after this.

Registration for a single class only is $50 by November 17 (earlybird), or $75 thereafter.

In order to keep registration costs low, the registration only covers reimbursement of travel costs for those teaching the classes. There is no catering provided, but there are a variety of excellent coffee and food outlets on Sydney University campus, and we have scheduled long enough breaks for you to find refreshments.