2014 News

End of Year/Director's Farewell Message

Ien Ang

19 Dec 2014
At the end of 2014, Distinguished Professor Ien Ang, steps down from the position of ICS Director, and hands the position over to Professor Paul   ...Read more.

Community Land Trust Research Team Wins Vice-Chancellor's and Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards

UWS Logo

10 Dec 2014
Congratulations to ICS researcher Dr Louise Crabtree who has been leading the Community Land Trust Research Team – winner of two awards at the 2014   ...Read more.

Professor David Rowe Elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities


08 Dec 2014
Congratulations to Professor David Rowe who was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities at the 2014 Annual General Meeting held   ...Read more.

Review: Knowledge / Culture / Economy International Conference

KCE Review

08 Dec 2014
Aihwa OngTimothy MitchellChris GibsonKatherine Gibson 140 leading academics, policy makers and industry heads gathered at the University of Western Sydney on 3-5 November for ICS's   ...Read more.

Dr Shanthi Robertson Awarded Raewyn Connell Prize

Dr Shanthi Robertson Awarded Raewyn Connell Prize

27 Nov 2014
Congratulations to Dr Shanthi Robertson who has been awarded the 2014 Raewyn Connell Prize, a biennial prize for the best first book by an author   ...Read more.

Keith Parry Receives UWS Learning and Teaching Award


27 Nov 2014
Congratulations to ICS PhD student Keith Parry who has received a 2014 UWS Learning and Teaching Award. Keith, who is a lecturer in Sport Management   ...Read more.

What is The Future of Multicultural Education?

Future of Multicultural Education

21 Nov 2014
A conference at the University of Western Sydney will bring together teachers, policy makers and academics to discuss the state of multicultural education in NSW   ...Read more.

ICS Participates in UWS Research Week Events

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21 Nov 2014
From 1 to 5 December, the University will hold its inaugural Research Week. With a series of events spread across the Greater Western Sydney region   ...Read more.

Scandals are Forever for FIFA as Saga Drags on

Al Shamal

19 Nov 2014
The following opinion piece, by Professor David Rowe, was originally published in The Conversation.Hans-Joachim Eckert, chairman of the independent Adjudicatory Chamber of football governing   ...Read more.

ICS to host two Endeavour Fellowship Recipients in 2015

Endeavour grants

18 Nov 2014
ICS will host two Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship recipients in 2015. The prestigious six-month long fellowships are awarded to high achieving applicants to conduct post-doctoral   ...Read more.

ICS Receives Three New Discovery Grants

ARC News Nov 2014

06 Nov 2014
Congratulations to Professor Katherine Gibson, Dr Shanthi Robertson and ICS School-based member Dr Emma Power who have received Discovery grants from the Australian Research Council   ...Read more.

International Conference Examines Knowledge, Culture and Economy


31 Oct 2014
Academics, policy makers and industry heads are gathering at the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) this week for an international conference to investigate traditionally   ...Read more.

Is Feminism Dead? A Conversation With Professor Deborah Stevenson

Is Feminism Dead thumbnail

15 Oct 2014
Professor Deborah Stevenson is a sociologist for whom feminism and gender are important areas of research focus. We chat to her about resistance among many   ...Read more.

Dr Juan Francisco Salazar Oversees Award-winning Student Documentary


10 Oct 2014
ICS School-based member Dr Juan Francisco Salazar is Executive Producer of an award-winning UWS student documentary, Hanging in the Balance.Dr Salazar, a Senior Lecturer in   ...Read more.

ICS Student to Curate Exhibition in Dubai


09 Oct 2014
ICS PhD student Cecelia Cmielewski is set to travel to the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to curate an exhibition called   ...Read more.

Latest Grants for ICS Researchers


08 Oct 2014
ICS researchers have been successful in receiving the following grants in recent months.Professor Katherine Gibson has been awarded a Seed Grant of $42,384 by the   ...Read more.

Dr Jorge Knijnik and Diana Collett awarded OLT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


08 Oct 2014
Congratulations to ICS School-based member Dr Jorge Knijnik and ICS DCR student Diana Collett who have been awarded Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Citations   ...Read more.

Photographic Exhibition: Ancient Cultures, New Futures

Ancient Culture Thumbnail

02 Oct 2014
Global Reconciliation, an Australian-based foundation associated with the Institute for Culture and Society, is hosting a photographic exhibition called 'Ancient Cultures: New Futures'. It features   ...Read more.

Lecture: Race, Post-Race

Alana Lentin thumbnail

25 Sep 2014
Associate Professor Alana Lentin gave a lecture entitled 'Race, Post-Race' at the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry in June. The talk examined the persistence   ...Read more.

Developing Large Grant Applications Workshop: Framing Coherence


25 Sep 2014
On 23 September, ICS hosted a 'Developing Large Grant Applications' workshop at the Parramatta CBD campus. The theme was 'Framing Coherence' and the workshop included   ...Read more.

United Nations Rights of the Child in the Digital Age


17 Sep 2014
As the United Nations considers updating the Convention on the Rights of the Child to take into account digital technology, a new report is calling   ...Read more.

Amanda Third to present to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

UN logo

11 Sep 2014
Associate Professor Amanda Third has been invited to present to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child at their Day of General Discussion   ...Read more.

Parents' Digital Literacy Affects Children's Safety Online, Says Associate Professor Amanda Third

Amanda Third

07 Aug 2014
The following opinion piece by Associate Professor Amanda Third was first published by Telstra following the release of their new cyber safety research report, Addressing   ...Read more.

ICS Welcomes Four New Staff Members

ICS welcomes new staff members

05 Aug 2014
ICS is delighted to announce the appointment of four new staff members who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Dr Stephen Healy   ...Read more.

Border as Method Translated into Italian

Border as method, or, the multiplication of labor

31 Jul 2014
Associate Professor Sandro Mezzadra and Professor Brett Neilson's book Border as method, or, the multiplication of labor (opens in a new window)(Duke University Press, 2013)   ...Read more.

ICS Launches Landmark Collection for Global Studies

Landmark Collection for Global Studies

30 Jul 2014
ICS is proud to launch a landmark collection of books on globalisation, a bourgeoning field that now crosses the boundaries of all the older disciplines   ...Read more.

International Collaboration to Drive Research into Piracy


30 Jul 2014
An international collaboration has been established to critically examine the growing cultural phenomenon of piracy, from the seas off Somalia to Australians illegally downloading music   ...Read more.

Dr Michael Volkerling


24 Jun 2014
Dr Michael Volkerling died suddenly on 13 June, 2014 in Sydney. Michael worked with the University of Western Sydney's Institute for Culture and Society since   ...Read more.

Tertiary 3.0 - Innovation in Higher Education

Tertiary 301

29 May 2014
ICS researcher Professor James Arvanitakis will take part in a Vivid Sydney event on 2 June that explores the future of higher education in   ...Read more.

Sydney, We Have a Problem: Unaffordability

Sydney we have a problem

05 May 2014
Increasing housing unaffordability is a pertinent social and economic issue for Australia, with Sydney and Melbourne ranked among top six of the costliest cities to   ...Read more.

Professor Hodge and Dr Coronado Consult on Mother Tongue Project in East-Timor

Mother Tongue

28 Apr 2014
When Timor-Leste achieved independence from Indonesia 12 years ago, Timorese people were not only left with the task of rebuilding the country’s shattered infrastructure, but   ...Read more.

ICS Researchers to Produce Report on Glebe Youth Service

Glebe Youth Service

23 Apr 2014
ICS researchers Professor James Arvanitakis and Ingrid Matthews have been invited to produce a report about the extraordinary story of the closure and reopening of   ...Read more.

Sydney Seminar for Culture and Society - Is Small Still Beautiful?

Is Small beautiful

24 Mar 2014
The role of anthropologists has changed remarkably over the past century. Whereas ethnographers once travelled to remote societies to document the alien existences of far-flung   ...Read more.

Mapping Frictions in Western Sydney

Thumbnail Mapping Frictions in Western Sydney

20 Mar 2014
ICS researcher Professor James Arvanitakis and Kavita Bedford from Bankstown Youth Development Service are co-organisers of a new website being launched on 27 March   ...Read more.

'Race and the Politics of Performance' Video Now Online

Race and the Politics of Performance' Video

20 Mar 2014
On 2 December 2013, ICS and Sydney Seminar hosted the inaugural Sydney Seminar for Culture and Society, themed 'Race and the Politics of Performance'. The   ...Read more.

New Campaign Set to Solve Puzzle of Cyberbullying, Young People and the Law

The digital jigsaw

14 Mar 2014
A national crowdsourcing campaign for young people aged 15-24ICS researchers Dr Teresa Swirski and Dr Philippa Collin will examine the responses of young people to   ...Read more.

ICS Welcomes Six New Students

ICS students

12 Mar 2014
A warm welcome to the following six students who have joined the Institute for Culture and Society as HDR candidates: Cecelia Cmielewski: 'Identity, (U)topia and   ...Read more.

Dr Byrne Helps Draft New Laws for Peru

Dr Byrne Helps Draft New Laws

18 Feb 2014
Dr Denis Byrne, Senior Research Fellow at ICS, attended meetings in Cusco and Lima in the second week of Feb 2014 as guest of Peru’s   ...Read more.

ICS Graduate Wins 'Best PhD Thesis in Sociology'

ICS Graduate Wins 'Best PhD Thesis is Sociology'

18 Feb 2014
ICS graduate Xiaoying Sheila Qi has received the prestigious Jean Martin Award for her thesis which examines how ideas and knowledge move between cultures.   ...Read more.

Liberal MP 'Saddened' by New Study Findings

Warren Entsch MP

17 Feb 2014
Liberal MP and Chair of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of LGBTI Australians, Warren Entsch, has called for an end to the harassment of LGBTIQ young   ...Read more.

Study: Homophobia and Transphobia Linked to Mental Health Issues for Many 'Growing Up Queer'

Study: Growing up queer

13 Feb 2014
A new study has found that 16% of young people who identify as Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Intersex or Queer (LGBTIQ) have attempted suicide and   ...Read more.

ICS Welcomes Four New Researchers

•	ICS welcomes new members and students

04 Feb 2014
ICS is delighted to announce the appointment of four new Institute-based members, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise.Paul James joined ICS   ...Read more.