ICS Welcomes Six New Students

A warm welcome to the following six students who have joined the Institute for Culture and Society as HDR candidates:

  • Cecelia Cmielewski: 'Identity, (U)topia and Soft Power: Arts Policy in the Co-Production of Multicultural Australia'. Supervisor: Greg Noble, Co-Supervisor: Ien Ang. 

  • Daniel Musil: 'Workers, Co-operatives, Greenies & Spaces for Deliberation in the Latrobe Valley'. Supervisor: Katherine Gibson, Co-Supervisors Louise Crabtree and Gerda Roelvink. 

  • Harriette Richard: 'Beyond the Dream - The Aesthetics of Contemporary Melancholy'. Supervisor: Amanda Third, Co-Supervisor: Greg Noble. 

  • Jack Parkin: 'Regulation and Anarchy in Post-Political Digital Infrastructure'. Supervisor: Donald McNeill, Co-Supervisors: Ned Rossiter and Sarah Barns. 

  • Alexandra Coleman: 'The Socio-Cultural Experiences of Students from Western Sydney Who Are the First in Their Family to Attend University' - Supervisor: George Morgan, Co-Supervisors: Penelope Rossiter and Shanthi Robertson. 

  • Luigi Di Martino: 'Digital Diplomacy - New Strategies for a Social Public Diplomacy'. Supervisor: Ien Ang, Co-Supervisor: Greg Noble.