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Global Cities and Urban Theory
By Donald McNeill 

The cover of Global Cities and Urban Theory which features a black and white image of a cityscape at night, from above, with the title of the book in yellow text.Global Cities and Urban Theory provides an innovative set of approaches to understanding some of the world's major cities, working with concepts such as smart cities, volumetric urbanism, and critical accounting to illustrate the everyday agents and practices that place cities in the world.

Donald McNeill draws on detailed discussions of major cities such as London, San Francisco, Paris and Singapore to provide a deep understanding of how urban theory can be grounded in the cultural economies of urban development. The book:

  • Reviews the insights of key thinkers such as Bruno Latour, Mike Davis, and Jane M. Jacobs in relation to specific cities.
  • Highlights methodological and epistemological notes on each theme.
  • Provides case studies of nine key global cities, examined in the context of specific material and spatial practices.

Essential reading for upper level students and researchers across urban studies, urban geography, urban sociology and urban policy.

For more information, visit the Sage website (opens in a new window).

Heritage in Action: Making the Past in the Present
Edited by Helaine Silverman, Emma Waterton and Steve Watson

The cover of Heritage in Action which features a character home on the bottom and a red/pink sky above with the title of the book.In this textbook we see heritage in action in indigenous and vernacular communities, in urban development and regeneration schemes, in expressions of community, in acts of nostalgia and memorialisation and counteracts of forgetting, in museums and other spaces of representation, in tourism, in the offices of those making public policy, and in the politics of identity and claims toward cultural property.

Whether renowned or local, tangible or intangible, the entire heritage enterprise, at whatever scale, is by now inextricably embedded in "value".

The global context requires a sanguine approach to heritage in which the so-called critical stance is not just theorised in a rarefied sphere of scholarly lexical gymnastics, but practically engaged and seen to be doing things in the world.

For more information, visit the Springer website (opens in a new window).

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