The aim of this project is to directly inform priorities and practices in health research and address the challenges of embedding young people’s experiences in health research, policy and service design in the digital society.
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This project responds to changes in the production, experience and consumption of news media by young Australians.
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This project aims to investigate the stability of single older women's senses of home, security and belonging as they negotiate asset and income insecurity. It examines: how national and housing provider scale housing policy and governance frameworks shape the ways that older women experience and make decisions about the home; and how the home is affected by housing mobility.
This postdoctoral fellowship investigates the potential of a group of traders and producers of processed food goods to act as drivers of plastic-free asset-based community development in Hanchey, Cambodia.
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This project aims to investigate how the Antarctic 'gateway cities' of Hobart, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; and Punta Arenas, Chile might reimagine and intensify their relations to the continent and each other.
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This project aims to examine how modern Western disciplines conceived of habits, and how these conceptions informed the techniques of mundane governance which managed habits.
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This project investigates the challenges, opportunities and implications of outer space as a site of economic, political, environmental and cultural interest for Australia. Combining interviews with key experts, ethnography and creative practice, the project analyses how a range of imaginaries of outer space are produced.
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This project examines the forces changing the production and consumption of contemporary Australian culture. It will assess the influence of transnationalism, the transformations caused by digital media, migration and multiculturalism, and the shifting presence of Indigenous culture, on the relations between culture and nation.
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The ADDEPT project looks to understand how diverse communities use technology in their everyday life. It examines how and when bias and other technology issues impede, frustrate or disadvantage two distinct groups: people with disability, and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society aims to create the knowledge and strategies necessary for responsible, ethical and inclusive automated decision-making. The Centre combines leading researchers from the humanities and social and technological sciences in an international industry, research and civil society network.
Approximately two dozen pedestrians walk in all directions across concrete which has yellow stripes painted diagonally across it. The figures are blurred and indistinct, indicating movement. The logo for the Centre for Excellence for Automated-Decision Making and Society is super-imposed on this image. The logo is a white box with the characters ADM+S on its perimeter.
This project examines how new Chinese migrants participate in everyday civic life, the barriers that may prevent participation, and how local civic organisations adapt to their growing presence in five domains of social life: education, culture, sport, religion and community service.
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The project looks at the social value and economic viability of cooperative housing; the operational costs of cooperatives when carrying out their obligations of regular repairs and maintenance and the possibilities of diversification.
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This project aims to advance understandings of how data centres in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney are transforming ways of living and working in the Asia Pacific.
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This project focuses upon the development and growth of the Fijian fashion industry across national (Suva), regional (Sydney, Auckland) and global (London) sites. It explores this growth in relation to the integration of technology in the processes of design and production, the use of digital and social media to build and expand markets, and capacity building for fashion entrepreneurs.
This project analyses current practice, drawing on co-designed research activities and products in order to map out possibilities for better engagement. This includes two case studies on cultural burning.
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Intergener8 Living Lab is a co-research and design facility that embraces an integrated and intergenerational mode of R&D, training and enterprise focused on developing technology-based products, services and solutions that build the capacity of young people to live well and participate fully in social and economic life.
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Further research is required to gauge refugee students’ experiences of schooling and whether current practice is addressing their needs and those of teachers. This is the aim of the project.
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Media literacy is the ability to critically engage with media in all aspects of life. It is a form of lifelong literacy that is essential for full participation in society. This project will undertake Australia’s first national survey of adults’ media literacy values, needs, capabilities, skills and knowledge.
The blank space on a worksheet reading ‘Media Literacy is….’ has been filled out with the word ‘Freedom’ in strong, bold lettering. A hand holding a pencil is shown in the lower right corner putting the finishing touches on the word.
This project aims to understand links between recent new public management reforms, particularly in New South Wales, and the operation and capacity of successful urban Aboriginal organisations. The project will include an analysis of case studies from other international jurisdictions (such as New Zealand and Canada).
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There is an urgent need to identify and promote practices that serve to respectfully offer tent residents long-term, safe accommodation options. This project addresses this need. Specifically, it will learn from the success of the Judges Car Park Penrith and Hawkesbury River projects.
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This project explores the future for manufacturing in Australia in the context of sustainability. Concerned with the wider societal and planetary impacts of conducting business-as-usual, some innovative Australian manufacturers are reorienting their business towards social and environmental sustainability.
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Through comparative analysis of Asian- and Anglo- Australian families’ approaches to education, this project will develop new ways of analysing education cultures beyond simplistic notions of ‘tiger parenting’ that are pitted against more liberal ‘Western’ approaches.
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This project is focussing on how a better understanding of the role of science in decision-making will help industry articulate and defend decisions to the community, media, inquiries and elsewhere, and, better frame information and advice on how scientists and professionals communicate.
A sign on the side of a road reads 'Planned burns reduce fire risk'.
Sharing, reciprocity and resource pooling are at the frontline of recovery and relief when economic crisis or disaster hits Monsoon Asia. This research aims to shed light on cases where these economic practices have been innovatively harnessed to diversify livelihoods and build economic resilience.
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The project comprises a group of Metropolis cities, together with a small number of global advisors and relevant research centres from around the world with the common goal towards developments in urban sustainability, taking the lead in the agenda-setting for positive social change.
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This project aims to show how buildings and places created by Chinese migrants in Australia and home places in China testify, beyond the narrative of arrival and settlement, to Australian connections with China and the Chinese diaspora.
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The primary objective of this project is to better understand how the interstice of Indigenous, LBGTIQ and youth identities impacts upon the SEWB and mental health of this group to enable the development of tailored interventions to effectively support these young people.
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This project aims to examine transnational mobility amongst young people and to understand its effects on their economic opportunities, social and familial ties, capacity for citizenship and transitions to adulthood.
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This project aims to influence global cultural policy and governance. Focusing on the global South, it will reveal complex connections between levels of governance, documenting and providing guidance on innovative policy approaches for dealing with major social, economic and development challenges.
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This project aims to explain how global built environment and development firms 'push the envelope' of urban space. In cities worldwide, governments are faced with the problem and possibilities of 'volume': stacking and moving people within booming central business districts, especially around mass public transport nodes.
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Unlike other studies that focus on refugees’ education, employment, English proficiency and health, this study shines a light on under-researched social and civic dimensions of refugee integration, looking at social bonds, social bridges and social links, with a specific focus on digital inclusion.
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This project aims to promote awareness of community-based palliative care among consumers and their carers. It involves: identifying the questions, concerns, illusions, misrepresentations, and falsehoods that consumers and carers have about community-based palliative care.
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