HDR Key Thinkers and Concepts Lecture Series Videos

This series introduces HDR students to key theorists and concepts of central importance to sociocultural thought. With presentations from experts from within the Institute for Culture and Society and beyond, each session involves a one hour lecture followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion.

Below are recordings of past Key Thinkers and Concepts Lectures.

Stuart Hall and Cultural Studies

Presented by Distinguished Professor Ien Ang

Michel Foucault: Knowledge/Power, Culture/Society

Presented by Professor Tony Bennett


Presented by Dr Penny Rossiter

Space and Place

Presented by Professor Donald McNeil


Presented by Associate Professor Alana Lentin

Environmental Humanities

Presented by Josh Wodak

Braidotti and Haraway: Reframing Human beings in a more than human world

Presented by Dr Fiona Cameron

Key Thinkers and Concepts Lecture for 2021- Bruno Latour: Actant-Rhizome Ontology and After

Presented by Dr Declan Kuch

Viral Agency: Understanding COVID With Multispecies Ethnography

Presented by Associate Professor Eban Kirksey (Deakin University)

Heritage and Geopolitics

Presented by Professor Tim Winter, ARC Future Fellow (Deakin University)

‘Racial Capitalism’

Presented by Associate Professor Alana Lentin

Part 1

Part 2