New Campaign Set to Solve Puzzle of Cyberbullying, Young People and the Law

animated jigsaw puzzle

A national crowdsourcing campaign for young people aged 15-24

ICS researchers Dr Teresa Swirski and Dr Philippa Collin will examine the responses of young people to a national crowdsourcing campaign inviting young people to share their opinions and ideas about cyberbullying and the law. 

'The Digital Jigsaw' campaign will be promoted via a range of social media networks (e.g. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) over a period of three weeks. Seven short videos and accompanying digital postcards have been created to highlight specific aspects of the campaign – and invite young people to have their say and participate by completing an online survey.

The project is led by the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, in collaboration with the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, the University of South Australia and the University of Western Sydney.

The Federal Government has funded this consortium to explore stakeholder perspectives of Youth Exposure to, and Management of, Cyberbullying Incidents in Australia. Project Rockit, an interactive anti-bullying and youth leadership program (run by young people for young people) has helped to create and communicate the campaign.

Young people aged between 15 and 24 currently living in Australia are invited to participate in the online survey. Residents across remote, rural and metropolitan Australia are encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity for young people to voice their opinions and ideas to the Federal Government – and help solve the puzzle of cyberbullying, young people and the law.

The online survey can be accessed via the Society Portal website. It will be accessible throughout the campaign, from Monday 17th March until Monday 7th April, 2014.

Available for comment 

  • Professor Ilan Katz (University of New South Wales, Social Policy Research Centre): Chief Investigator of the project Youth Exposure to, and Management of, Cyberbullying Incidents in Australia. For media enquiries contact: (02) 9385 7810; (opens in a new window). 

  • Dr Barbara Spears (University of South Australia): Dr Spears is an expert in harassment, bullying and the impact on wellbeing for young people. For media enquiries contact Michele Nardelli: (08) 8302 0966; (opens in a new window). 

  • Lucy Thomas and Rosie Thomas (Project Rockit): Co-founders of Project Rockit and their involvement in the crowdsourcing campaign development and promotion. For media enquires contact: (Tel) 0419 161 105; (opens in a new window). 


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