ICS Receives Three New Discovery Grants

Congratulations to Professor Katherine GibsonDr Shanthi Robertson and ICS School-based member Dr Emma Power who have received Discovery grants from the Australian Research Council for 2015-2017.

Professor Gibson is Principal Investigator on the project 'Strengthening Economic Resilience in Monsoon Asia'. The project has been awarded a total of $197,300 and includes Dr Lisa Law, Associate Professor Darlene Occeña Gutierrez and Professor Nay Win Oo on the research team.

Dr Robertson and Dr Power have each received a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). Dr Roberston's project is entitled 'Staggered Pathways: Temporality, Mobility and Asian Temporary Migrants in Australia', and has been awarded a total of $336,009. Dr Power's project, 'Bridging Housing and Home: Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women', has been awarded a total of $348,710.

Project Details

Strengthening Economic Resilience in Monsoon Asia 

Researchers: Professor Katherine Gibson, Dr Lisa Law, Associate Professor Darlene Occeña Gutierrez, Professor Nay Win Oo
Funding: Discovery Grant
Funding total: $197,300 (2015-2017)

Sharing, reciprocity and resource pooling are at the frontline of recovery and relief when economic crisis or disaster hits Monsoon Asia. This research aims to shed light on cases where these economic practices have been innovatively harnessed to diversify livelihoods and build economic resilience. Working with contemporary Asian scholars, practitioners in the disaster field and a data set gleaned from multiple sources, including mid-20th century tropical geography texts, the project aims to bring to the fore a regional landscape of diverse economic practices across Monsoon Asia. A cross-regional online knowledge community is expected to be formed to explore how this asset base might be mobilised towards more effective local development and disaster response.  

Staggered Pathways: Temporality, Mobility and Asian Temporary Migrants in Australia

Researcher: Dr Shanthi Robertson
Funding: DECRA
Funding total: $336,009 (2015-2017)

Migrant mobilities between Australia and Asia are becoming more temporary and less linear. This project investigates the lived experience and the governance of 'temporally fluid' migration flows from Asia to Australia; explores migrants' senses of belonging over time at local, national and transnational scales; and develops methods and theories to analyse and visualise complex migrant journeys across borders, regions, visa statuses and labour markets. The use of time and temporality as framing concepts of the research will advance knowledge on how migration policy and migrants' decisions and experiences influence each other, and how belonging and transnationalism are being transformed by new types of mobility in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Bridging Housing and Home: Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women

Researcher: Dr Emma Power
Funding: DECRA
Funding total: $348,710 (2015-2017) 

This project investigates the stability of single older women's senses of home, security and belonging as they negotiate asset and income insecurity. It examines (1) how national and housing-provider scale housing policy and governance frameworks shape the ways that older women experience and make decisions about home, and (2) how home is impacted by housing mobility. Using a housing pathways approach the project will develop knowledge of how housing markets and supply impact on and are shaped by homemaking cultures and practices. It addresses a research gap about how asset-poor older Australians maintain stable housing pathways and senses of home, security and belonging as they age.

10 November 2014