Professor David Rowe Elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Congratulations to Professor David Rowe who was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities at the 2014 Annual General Meeting held on 22 November. Fellowship of the Academy is one of the highest honours available for achievement in the humanities in Australia.

The Australian Academy of the Humanities was established in 1969 to advance knowledge of, and the pursuit of excellence in the humanities for the benefit of the nation. The Fellowship of the Academy comprises more than 590 distinguished individuals elected by their peers in recognition of the excellence and impact of their scholarship in fields including archaeology, art, Asian and European studies, classical and modern literature, cultural and communication studies, languages and linguistics, philosophy, musicology, history and religion.

Professor Rowe's election as a Fellow is a significant achievement, recognising the outstanding contribution he has made to his discipline, and the exceptionally high regard in which he is held by his peers in the humanities community, both in Australia and abroad.

'This is a pleasing personal honour, but more importantly it demonstrates the strength of the Institute for Culture and Society in the discipline of Cultural and Communication Studies', says Professor Rowe.

'My ICS colleagues, Professors Ien Ang, Tony Bennett, Bob Hodge and Tim Rowse, are Academy Fellows of longstanding. In January 2015 we will be joined in the Institute by another Fellow – Professor Gay Hawkins.'

Professor Rowe says the concentration of Fellows at ICS highlights UWS' strength in the Humanities.

'In particular, Cultural Studies is an area in which we have performed very well in Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), which evaluates the quality of the research conducted at Australian universities,' he says.  

Professor Rowe has been invited to add his signature to those of his colleagues past and present in the Academy's Charter Book at the next Annual General Meeting in November 2015. 

8 December 2014