Sydney, We Have a Problem: Unaffordability

Picture of city and skyscrapers during sun-down

Increasing housing unaffordability is a pertinent social and economic issue for Australia, with Sydney and Melbourne ranked among top six of the costliest cities to live in, according to the Economist's 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey.

How did we get here? Is unaffordability going to intensify? What implications does unaffordability have for social structures? These are some of the questions being investigated by academics in this field.

For ICS Research Fellow Dr Louise Crabtree, whose expertise lies in urban sustainability and housing innovation, affordable housing is driving the creation of new and exciting forms of tenure that can respond to these issues and combine ongoing affordability with community benefit in diverse locations.

Dr Crabtree will discuss these issues with others at the Sydney, We Have a Problem event at the Green Square Community Hall on Thursday 15 May.

Joining Dr Crabtree in this provocative conversation will be Dr Kate Shaw from the University of Melbourne, Dr Ann Deslandes and Professor Peter Phibbs from the University of Sydney.

The panellists will discuss unaffordability in the context of Sydney and make provocations as to how we might intervene to resolve this issue.