HDR Life at ICS

ICS is well-known for its strong HDR students collaborative academic and social events. Students have amazing opportunities to present and participant in students organised academic events including Stepping Stone Seminars and HDR Mid-Year Conference, but also engage with monthly HDR catch-up and social events.

Our student reps work closely with HDR director Associate Professor Malini Sur and HDR committees to organise regular HDR workshops, Key Thinkers and Concepts, ICS HDR Newsletter (Quarterly issued) and to promote sustainable research culture.

Bhavya Chitranshi
HDR student, Bhavya Chitranshi, working-in-the-field as opposed to fieldwork: the project is an example of action-research, which challenges the conventional researcher-participants binary model. (Photo supplied by Bhavya)
Dip Shek Village
A former student at Dip Shek village, Zhongshan, China, introduces Christopher Cheng (left) to the benefactors of his school, built in the 1980s. (Photo by Denis Byrne, 2018)
James Ruse Climate Forest
HDR students and staff members engaged in nursing trees at the James Ruse Climate Forest – a community garden in Parramatta, where Indigenous trees and bushes have been planted to offset the effects of climate change. (Photo by Emily-Kate Ringle-Harris, 2018)
Christopher Cheng
HDR student, Christopher Cheng (right) inside Hao Tau ancestral hall in Zhongshan, observing photographs brought back by descendants of JAN See Chin, one of the most prominent Cairns’ sugar farmers and a benefactor of a Zhongshan school in the 1900s. (Photo by Denis Byrne, 2018)
ICS Staff and students
ICS staff students and visiting scholars at 1 Parramatta Square for the 2019 Summer School: Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities

If you want to learn more about what being an HDR at ICS is like, read an interview (opens in a new window) with our current HDR students.


If you want to learn more about what being an HDR at ICS is like, read an interview (opens in a new window) with two of our previous graduates.