Research Programs

The Institute for Culture and Society has five research programs responding to key challenges facing contemporary culture and society:

Each program engages with dynamic areas of research and policy, including cultural diversity, transnationalism, citizenship and institutions, cultural industries and economies, heritage, city cultures, economic and cultural globalisation, digital transformation, and environmental and urban change. The programs act as a focus for joint research projects, workshops, conferences and public engagement initiatives.

The Institute is committed to Engaged Research in these areas. We approach Engaged Research as an interpretative and reflexive practice that actively thinks through the ways in which we conduct research. We pay close attention to the world-making role of methods and the need to innovate in translating scholarly knowledge practices in areas such as policy, business, community and media. Our approach also involves a commitment to the development of digital research methods that will enhance the scope and flexibility of cultural and social research.

Focussed initiatives associated with these programs bring a critical mass of Institute researchers into contact with various outside agencies, international researchers, and both public and private organisations to address fundamental changes and challenges in contemporary knowledge, culture and society.