Professional Staff

Sally Byrnes

Senior Business Development Officer

  • Partnership development
  • Marketing and Communications Planning
  • Oversight of the ICS website
Phone: (02) 9685 9692

Portrait photo of Simone Casey

Simone Casey

Institute Administrative Assistant

  • Reception
  • Equipment bookings
  • Asset management
  • Capital Works maintenance requests
  • Preparation of casual employment authorities

Phone: (02) 9685 9600

Image of Cheryl D'Cruz wearing an embellished black and white top

Cheryl D'Cruz

Institute Administrative Officer (Travel and Finance)

  • Administrative Assistance to the Director
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Travel bookings
  • Asset management
  • TEMS acquittal
Email: c.d'
Phone: (02) 9685 9647

Tulika Dubey with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Tulika Dubey

Senior Institute Administrative Officer (HDR Support)

  • Coordinator of the Research Training Program
  • HDR student reporting requirements
  • Staff, HDR students, and visitor induction
  • Coordination of casual timesheets
Phone: (02) 9685 9680

Terry Fairclough with trees in the background.

Terence (Terry) Fairclough

Institute Manager

  • Strategic management and planning
  • High-level policy advice
  • Finance and HR management
  • Budget management and forecasting
  • Professional Administrative Staff Supervisor
Phone: (02) 9685 9698

Photo of Dr Michelle Kelly

Dr Michelle Kelly

Research Officer

  • Administrative support for Research Director
  • Provision of project management and financial advice for individual research projects
  • Post-award assistance with research projects under the direction of Principal Researchers
  • Administration of Human Ethics applications
Email: or
Phone: (02) 9685 9493

Dr Hua (Flora) Zhong

Senior Research Officer

  • Administrative support for the Research Director
  • Research policy advice to the Institute Director, Research Director, Institute Manager and ICS members
  • Pre-award coordination of project management, and research development activities
  • Oversight of research program activities and reporting
  • Provision of support for individual research projects
Email: or
Phone: (02) 9685 9451

Young and Resilient Research Centre Professional Staff

Photo of Lilly Moody

Lilly Moody

Centre Manager

  • Centre operations management
  • Strategic management and planning
  • Research and partnership development
  • Financial and HR management
  • Policy advice
  • Research support
  • Human ethics application support and advice
  • Strategic Research Development funding coordination
  • Post-award assistance for research projects
  • Project budget management and financial advice

Phone: (02) 9685 9553


Dr Nukte Ogun

Research Officer - Impact

  • Research impact measuring and communication
  • Development of new impact strategies, frameworks and processes
  • Knowledge exchange and public engagement
  • Knowledge translation of research findings
  • Media and communications, including media relations and reporting

Phone: (02) 9685 9685

Research Support Staff

ICS has a growing cohort of research support staff (comprising research associates, research assistants and research officers). Research support staff bring a wide range of interdisciplinary skills and interests to their roles, contributing significantly to the innovative and collaborative research that is characteristic of ICS.


Dr Wei Liu

Research officer

  • Heritage-making among recent migrants in Parramatta



Dr Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath

Research Officer

  • Advancing Digital Inclusion in Low Income Australian Families
  • Heritage-making among recent migrants in Parramatta


Jakki Mann


  • Circles of Sustainability Strategic Initiative

Phillip Mar with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background.

Dr Phillip Mar

Adjunct Fellow and Senior Research Officer

  • Diversity of Cultural Expressions
  • Research partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts


Dr Kim Spurway

Dr Kim Spurway

Research Officer


Dr Timothy Erik Ström

Research Assistant



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